Thursday, April 22, 2010


44's Admin " finally coming around to the alarming conclusion it has no idea what to do about Iran's nuclear bomb."

"The admission comes in the guise of a just-revealed top-secret memorandum sent by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House in January, which, according to press leaks, made the case that the U.S. possesses no long-term, effective policy to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb."

CIA Spy Guy Robert Baer - author of the psychic "Devil We Know" goes on to remind everyone about the magical Shia crescent stretching from Persia to the Red and Med Seas.

"None of this is to suggest that our problems with Iran begin and end with nukes. Iran's influence continues to spread across the Middle East with a near inevitability..."

True. The hot! Report on Iran's Military Power maintains the mullahs 1st priority is ensuring the regime's survival: To defend against either and/or both Satan's with a mix of "...deterrence, asymmetrical retaliation and attrition warfare."

"Think about it from the Iranian regime's perspective:

Covered on two fronts by tens of thousands of U.S. (and other Western) forces;

"Washington is arming and rearming your regional foes; it's rather obvious that either Little or Great Satan or BOTH are engaging in some sort of covert sabotage campaign against your nuclear ambitions, and one of your nuclear officials just defected to the West - a defection obviously facilitated by your enemy, the Saudis.

Back to Baer:

"Iran understood its trump card was that there never would be real sanctions unless Iran actually tested a bomb.

"And this is exactly what Iran will not do, if the past is a guide to the present. Iran will walk right up to that bright red line but not cross it.

"It will continue to enrich uranium for bombs, design and build triggering devices, and develop a delivery capability. In a couple of years, Iran, if it needs to, will be able to assemble the pieces for a workable bomb in less than a month."

Pic - "The Memo"


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog from a link at Wings over Iraq. It is nice to find someone writing with a sense of perspective, and humor, and doesn't act as if they are Moses coming down the Mountain with teh tablets of eternal truth. Wish I was Satan. keep up the good work.

courtneyme109 said...

Thanks very much for the kind words A'Mous! It's a trip, no doubt!