Monday, April 12, 2010

MilBlog 2010 Wrap Up

Starbuck from Wings Over Iraq wraps the Milblog 2010 Conf with some hot gossip and insight:

"Commander Salamander (US Naval Institute) mentioned that a number of milbloggers (including yours truly) had received media inquiries from the BBC regarding the “Collateral Murder” video, as the military’s public affairs units were completely unwilling to discuss the video at all. During the panel, McIntyre noted that it was the milbloggers--not the mainstream media nor WikiLeaks--which provided the best analysis of the video."

Small War Journal has the big post, and getting to hang, network and party with experts like the cats from CNAS including swapping strategy and tactical designs about COIN and Air Power with Lt Exum:

"Ex read a few notes he took during a meeting with General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan during his trip last summer. Gen. McChrystal had said that even if airpower is used to kill insurgents and produce a tactical victory, it must always be weighed against the probability of collateral damage and the propaganda victory it might give the enemy. This was reflected in one of General McChrystal’s first acts upon taking command in Afghanistan—curtailing the use of airpower.

"It’s a risky move, for certain, and will require greater effort on the parts of both ground troops and aviators to better coordinate combined arms operations. But the risk of losing the battle for the minds of the Afghan is far too great—we must adapt.

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Render said...

So that's why you've been ignoring me.

I see how it's gonna be.

phhhhht! kidding.


Sounds like you had fun, wish I coulda been there.


courtneyme109 said...

Thanks Render! BTW, i could never ignore you!

Starbuck said...

Hey Courtney--Ex left as a captain, if I'm not mistaken...