Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Golden Opportunity

Oh - It's true!

In the wild and wacky Middle East, conditions on the ground render the ability to magically conjure a comprehend able comprehensive Arab-Little Satan peace deal is, face it - "... impossible to accomplish in the short term. They make anything more than delay and containment of Iran's nuclear ambitions similarly far-fetched, unless military force is used or a domestic revolution takes place.

"But they offer what may be a golden opportunity for democratization."


"That would be Egypt, the region's bellwether -- where an 81-year-old strongman, Hosni Mubarak, is ailing; where a grass-roots pro-democracy movement has gained hundreds of thousands of supporters; and where a credible reform leader has suddenly appeared, in the form of the Nobel Prize-winning former nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei.

"The movement he leads is pressing Mubarak to lift an emergency law -- imposed 28 years ago -- that blocks political organizing and freedom of assembly, and to change the constitution so that next year's presidential election can be genuinely democratic.

The ancient undying Pharoh for Life Hosni may instead want to xfer power to his son Gamal (just like Old Man Assad did for Bashar!) creating the 2nd Arab League dynastic succession

"The Americans bought Mubarak twenty-eight years ago because they believed he could maintain peace. But this was the tragedy of the Shah of Iran, when Washington supported him over Mossadegh. The Americans always trade despots for stability, and they get 'extremists' instead."


"Here is a real chance for groundbreaking change in the homeland of Mohamed Atta and Ayman al-Zawahiri. As happened before democratic transitions in other countries, there is a strong public movement with responsible leadership making reasonable demands."

Pic - "Egypt is at a critical turning point. It faces substantial leadership changes in the near future without a fair and transparent political process" with Leonor Varela