Friday, April 30, 2010

War With NoKo?

Hot on the heels of Sister Democrazy SoKo's Cheonan (Pohan Class) getting sunk by a 'crack' crunk squad of 'human torpedoes' appears a a curious cry for restraint:

`We believe that such a 'status quo' is unsustainable for North Korea ― there are simply too many factors coming to a head in the near future. South Korea and the United States, working closely with Japan and China, need to press hard for a deal with North Korea, before more costly scenarios unfold.''


"They are right. No other course takes either side anywhere rational. The time now is as propitious as it will ever be. For if in fact the North did the nasty deed, the cruel incident may yet be but another example of an infantile North Korea throwing its rattle out of its playpen, as if in desperate cry for help."

What else makes sense?

Pic - "Day Of The Sun"


Peter said...

Seein' as how you can't hardly fight a war without feeding the soldiers, I can't see a fight with the Norks lasting too long. The Norks have a whole slew of semiobsolete artillery tubes dug in along the DMZ and, presumably, have plenty of "bullets" Fine, but our counterbattery fire is second to none and the Norks cannot feed their army once it moves.

So, yeah, it's an infant's tantrum, unfortunately, a tantrum with a hole lot of artillery tubes and maybe a few nukes.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Dang that's a pretty soldier. I think I'm in love.... JK