Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing With Fire

In Foreign Policyland there is a train of thought that choo choos up and down a very short piece of rail road called the "Syrian Track".

If and when Syria Track ever reaches the depot - look out! Peace, love and tolerant understanding will softly fall across the ME. Syria's uncool hook up with Iran will be coitus interruptus, the Golan will magically become Syrian again, Lebanon will be free of meddling Syrians and Hiz'B'Allah will be looking for a new hood.


Since Syria's Dr General Pres For Life Bashar got outed for blinging unguided, dumb bomb ballistic missiles to an official terrorist freak show like Hiz'B'Allah, Little Satan has issued an amazing caveat!

Sent as a secret message which Little Satan promptly leaked, this is no conflicting signal:

“We’ll return Syria to the Stone Age by crippling its power stations, ports, fuel storage and every bit of strategic infrastructure if Hiz'B'Allah dare to launch ballistic missiles against us.”


In a crunk and disorderly hood like the ME - the shame and honor blame game must be going into overtime.

Bashar - one of a kind actually, in all the world's despotries - the only example of an absolute monarch, with no throne, ruling a hereditary republic - leads a poor country with hardly any oil, only 19 million people and a pitifully weak army.

Even worse - the al Assads don't do Shia like Iran or Sunni traditions of Saudi Arabia or the religious loyalty of any other regime in the ME. Assad's are from the tiny, tiny Alawite sect, a minor minority in their very own nation state!

Syrian denials about scudding up Hiz'B'Allah are psychic! Claiming Little Satan is making stuff up to bail on giving up Golan or a Nakbah Free Palestine:

The secret message is "aggression in order to run away from the requirements of a just and comprehensive peace."

Little Satan will "... not hesitate to attack Syria if our national security is in jeopardy. Assad knows that, and he’s playing with fire.”

Pic "Playing with Fire" with Alicia


Peter said...

I understand that at least some of the "leaders" of Iran see a nuclear war as a way to bring on the Hidden Inman or whatever he's called. I do wonder what Joe Citizen of Iran thinks of the idea.

All I can think of when I read of the mess over there is that old Spanish proverb: "You F--- with the bull you get the horn." It's like The Chinless Wonder and his bosses in Qom and Tehran are just begging to go to Muslim heaven in a radioactive cloud.