Monday, April 26, 2010


Like hot nosferatu that refuses to stay staked down and out, the concept of estabbing a brand new nation state (perhaps two nation state statelets?!) - Palestine cannot be killed.

Could this process be not unlike the experience in Vietnam?


A brand new Palestine would need to sign, enforce and live with magical guarantees with Little Satan. Yet New Palestine will most likely lack the power (and will?) to issue or honor such Nakbah proofing guarantees unless certain elements, their spiritual fanboys and rowdy foreigners are dissed, marginalized or destroyed.

Obviously, Palestine will need help. From whom?

The only candidate would be Palestine's sponsor and creator - Great Satan.

"In other words, if this new state comes into being before the terror groups are destroyed, it will require covert and overt American police and military to defend itself against many of its own people.

"We will begin by showing the state how to fight its people. Soon, we will find we are helping it to fight its people. In the end, we will be fighting its people on its behalf.

"We will have created a Palestinian South Vietnam.

Since Nazi time Deutschland and Imperial Japan screamed "God! Please! Stop!" there have been born more than 100 nation states and the movements of hundreds of borders. Border moving - seldom agreeable to everyone - yet nation states accepted them as a settled border was better than war.

Germany accepted losing Prussia, Russia accepted the secession of Kazakstan and Serbs are handling the idea of Kosovo.

Even in 3rd world states gave up treasured aspirations rather than shed blood forever - Somalia gave up Ogaden, Guatemala stopped demanding Belize and Indonesia finally gave up East Timor.

There is one glaring, bizarro conspicuous exception to this willingness to accept facts - no matter how disappointing they are:

"It’s because we always lose to Israel. It gnaws at the people in the Middle East that such a small country as Israel, with only about 7 million inhabitants, can defeat the Arab nation with its 350 million. That hurts our collective ego.

"The Palestinian problem is in the genes of every Arab. The West’s problem is that it does not understand this."

Pic "Palevietstinenam"


History Punk said...

""In other words, if this new state comes into being before the terror groups are destroyed, it will require covert and overt American police and military to defend itself against many of its own people. "

The Israelis seemed to managed all right despite the Brits leaving before smashing the Stern Gang and others. Kosovo did all right despite the US driving out the Serbians before the Serbs smashed the KLA. Croatia exists because of the aid given to it by Croatian terrorist groups and their members.

Also, if you think the Serbs have handled losing places like Kosovo or Serb-conquered parts of Bosnia taken from them as the result of the Dayton Accords, you might want to inform them. The Croatian government has had to threatened military force to keep the Bosnian Serbs and their patrons in Serbia in line.

courtneyme109 said...

History Punk - as written - not everbody is tickled to accept borders as they are - yet generally agree a recog'd border is better than generations of war.

Note that no one has yet to write a piece about 'future Palestine' most likely 'cause we know what it would end up like - another ill advised war started by certain elements in Palestine ending up with Little Satan re-capturing turf won fair and square in the first place.

sousa said...

the israeli hagana fought the stern gangs (a few marginal counterterrorist guys) before israel was established, Croatia exists because of the aid given by Germany and Bosnia and kosovo are american inventions and would never have been a reality without serbian ethnic cleasings.

Arab League will never acept any border with Israel because all the "palestinian nationhood" is a new arab invention to destroy Israel after they were defeated in the 48 and 67, palestinian arabs were arabs between arabs under different empires and the only palestinian "raison detre" is to eliminate israel.

The new Palestinian state is already a reality in Gaza.
After last israeli-arab war in gaza, the european union proposed to control gaza borders with european troops as in Lebanon, do you know what happened? Egypt answered "if europe wants to keep good relations with the arab league FORGET IT"