Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strategic Reassessment, Baby

 Oh, it's time!

Hard (and hot!) on the heels of Great Satan's Def Sec' Sinolander Tour - Collectivist China debuts her version of  X-37B unmanned spacedrone that performed her first ever mission last year. X37B is an elusive drone - capable of smiting any target on Earth at any time and she cannot be tracked down using the existing ABM tech platforms.

It also heralds Prime Minister Hu's daytrip to hook up and hang with 44. And an opportunity.

Since getting all engagement happy with China has totally sucked, 44 may be hotter to get more realistic about Chinese diplopolititary chicanery.  

PM Hu Jintao’s DC hook n hang would be perfect timing for Great Satan to share she's truly serious about forging a Great Satan-China mash up. 

Reassuring fun free choice democrazy allies (more like little sisters) in Asia, and an alluringly alluding illicit hot text message to PRC about loving long time, long-term American interests all around 1st Island Chain - and beyond. 

Regardless who is running the semi chaotic regime - civie partycrats or PLA and N Generals and Admirals - need to get it laid out in plain language that every one hear can easily understand

 Strategic Reassessment, Baby

Consisting of four fully crunk counterminously moving daemoneoconic designs:

Military Mods, FoPo, Democrazy Promo/Projection/Protection plots and Bling/Trade

* Solidify America’s relationships with our Asian allies to counter-balance the increasing capability and reach of China’s military. Increased arms sales to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and India; as well as an expanded regional missile defense architecture to counter China’s ballistic missile threat would dramatically improve the East Asian security situation. Great Satan should also encourage her posse to increasingly conduct joint political meetings as well as military exercises.

* Abandon Secretary Gates’ policy of accepting mid-term risk with states like China in America’s force posture. Great Satan should restore production of the fifth-generation F-22 fighter; and maintain funding for the Navy’s 12-carrier, 313-ship plan. A larger modern military will help maintain America’s qualitative edge against China, and reassure our Asian allies regarding U.S. staying power in the region.

* Continue long-standing of support for tiny tiny Taiwan (who hasn't ever bothered anybody). Recent reports that Great Satan will sell Taipei upgrades to its F-16s are encouraging; however, because the increasingly modern Chinese air force is overshadowing Taiwanese capabilities, 44's Admin should begin discussions immediately regarding selling Taiwan the F-35, as it will with Japan and Australia, as well as explore other means to bolster the island’s defensive capabilities, such as through missile defense or submarine sales.

* Elevate concern for democracy and human rights. Speak out against Chinese human rights abuses in every available forum at every available opportunity. Establish linkage between American policy towards the People’s Republic and its human rights behavior. Recognize that the best long-term solution for American concerns about Chinese behavior is its eventual democratization and expose the connection between the nature of China’s communist regime and its behavior at home and abroad.

* Seek solutions to major international issues without China. Though the P5+1 and Six Party Talks were, conceptually, an innovative method to deal with Iran and North Korea; in practice, they have served as another mechanism by which Russia and China continue to resist efforts to compel their client states. 

Instead, Great Satan, in concert with the League of Hot! Democrazies, should seek other avenues to impair these regimes’ capabilities. 

Pic - "Gulliver's Travails"


William Stout said...

I foresee three problems with your proposed solution. First, we have a weak President. He's great at photo ops and bows, but not so much on foreign policy. Second, we have an idiot in charge of the State Department. Third, we cannot afford to alienate China because like it or not, we need them. What is to be done?

If I were in charge of American foreign policy, I would needle the Chinese with Japan. Red China still has nightmares about Nanking and by using Japan as a stick, we can prod China into action with regard to placing a leash on North Korea.

As for sales of the Joint Strike Fighter to Taiwan, I am uncertain of the future of that aircraft given the U.S. position not to pursue it and the Raptor is out given that Federal law prohibits sales of the aircraft, and I would not be in support of such a sale regardless. However, the law says nothing about establishing an airbase with a Raptor squadron stationed there and therefore the new Chinese fighter would meet real opposition in the event of Chinese shenanigans.

I like how you think though.

Anonymous said...

When Reagan ran for President, he ran on a platform of rebuilding the military, which included plans for a 600-ship Navy. Adding ships to the Navy and F-22s to the AF would speak volumes to the Chinese.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi William!

F35's and Taiwan? At 1st glance maybe - yet it's tough to diss it when thinking bout Great Britain and France designing their force projection around F35's.

Essentially - if it's cool to do GB and France - why not do Taiwan too?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks A'Mous! It's true - just like the avuncular most awesomest hand gesturer ex Def Sec in world history once spake:

"Weakness is provocative! It makes ppl think about doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do" 

Anonymous said...

As someone not living in Virginia, I find the idea of using Japan as a "stick" against China to be horrifying, and the embodiment of everything wrong with US foreign diplomacy thinking. Can you even call such an approach "diplomacy" ? "Remember Nanking" ? If you do that, the Chinese will become even more antagonistic, and it will effectively sink any attempts at liberalizing China from the outside.

By the way yes, I'm all for maintaining a sizeable pacific fleet but the question is: Can you afford it?

Anonymous said...

I was replying to William btw.

gill said...

oh really its great news. Thanks for sharing.