Thursday, February 3, 2011


Camels Ho!

Least it's clear where all the Egypti Cops were hiding out for the past few days - graduating from a crash course for head knocking and crowd control!

While the world goes Ikhwan happy and thinking aloud about the chances of a bread riot getting co opted by a risible sect of 7th century time traveling intolerants to sub one secular despotry for a holy one - and all the uncool things that could mean - a curious schismus minuteus among Great and Little Satan BFF's seems to be rifting open

"Don't want no drama little moma - ain't gon steal ya main"

The afore sang money shot (middle 8 for all the Beatle fans) and delightful little ditty could be sexyfully soundtracked (at the 2:24 mark) for the hissy fit betwixt Little Satan fans ala the daemoneoconically delish and realist janksters.

K. Let's go

"...Just a matter of time before the only real opposition group in Egypt, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, takes power. Israelis fear that Egypt will go the way of Iran or Turkey, with Islamists gaining control through violence or gradual co-optation.

"...Others argue that the responsibilities of governance would moderate the Brotherhood, but here that is dismissed as Western naïveté: the same prediction, after all, was made about the Iranian regime, Hezbollah and Hamas. 

Check. Got it. Thank you Captain Obvious!

Fear of getting all surrounded by intolerant m"Hammedist regimes with a Nakbah Reversal agenda IS scary like Wake Island, the Alamo or dare it be spake aloud? - Masada

 Yet the ME has always been a crazy dangerous place where shame and honor can be officially regarded as lying betwixt a girls legs and terms like battlefield victories are as alien as Arabic terms for democrazy, self rule or St Valentine's Day.

And it certainly doesn't help when a depraved realist and the notorious Little Satan hating cat at "Weenie Hut Juniors"gets all neoconic (from the very same academ that maintains regime change in Persia, China or NoKo is a terrible idea - totally queers the mix on the 'forever quest' for stability, you know?)

What up with the sad group of ancient bolshevik Code Pink women (who would most likely fail to recog a good time if they sat on it's face) suddenly getting all hot for regime change in Aegypt. They could do better to be freaking about Pyramidland's freaking horrific penchant for gender apartheid instead

Or even Persia's Preacher Command loving the mixed signals while signaling their own risibly mixed signals.

Daemoneoconically delish Pressure Points Cat  lays it out to play it out about the diplopolititary divy 

"...The Israelis first of all do not believe in the universality of democracy. They believe what many American "experts" did in, say, 1950--democracy was fine for us and Western Europe, but not for Latins (too much Catholic culture) and Asians (too much Confucianism). They believe Arab culture does not permit democracy.

"...They see a danger in Mubarak's fall, and they are right: we do not know who will take over now or in a year or two from now. But this is at bottom a crazy reaction. What they are afraid of is the Muslim Brotherhood, right? Mubarak has ruled for THIRTY YEARS and leaves us a Brotherhood that is that powerful? 

Direct Hit! Fire For Effect!

Don't forget! 44's super powered "Team of Rivals" abandoned any moderate or educated opfor groups in Egypt by slashing Democrazy Promo PR Fundage and set Hosni up by implying human rights and democratic reform were not hooked up in any Great Satan/Pyramidland Strategic Dialogue

"...Isn't that all the proof we need that dictatorship is not the way to fight the Brotherhood? He crushed the moderate and centrist groups and left the Brothers with an open field. He is to blame for the Brothers' popularity and strength right now. The sooner he goes the better.

And here's a free bit of brains for inappropriate handwringing over Great Satan's stalwarty Pharoh for Life Hosni getting the under the bus treatment and Great Satan's future hook up with Little Satan.

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Egypt is a military dictatorship. Little Satan is a totally diff critter with a lit rate off the charts and an ally - the only place in the entire ME (so far, nicht wahr?) like unto Great Satan.

Mubarak wasn't that great of an ally of Great Satan anyway.

In 2009, Egypt voted with America at UN less often than did Burma, Cuba, Somalia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Mubarak dissed liberating Kuwait in 1991 and was unhelpful with the free Iraqi gov after 2003. Mubarak did counter Iran and kept Suez going strong, yet this was more attuned to Egypt's interests way more than being a trust worthy ally.

The true value of Egypt in sunny sunny climes east of Suez is Great Wall of Gaza and her Little Satan /Officially Recognized Peace treaty - yet that hap hap happy day dawned way before Sadat was assassinated - by the very same "...nonsecular..." opfor groups 44's wingman advocates for - and they led directly to Hosni's Pharohification.

Hosni is a despot - his time is up.  Getting "...abandoned..." by Great Satan is only natural. And it doesn't mean Great Satan may or would abandon Little Satan. (Despite the FBI told you so guy's constant refrain)

Little Satan is a mirror image of Great Satan - a fun, free choice tolerant, egalitarian society with periodic, transparent elections, a free uncensored press, a military under civie command, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and a nat'l treasury under public accountability.

Best Friends Forever

 Pic - "You saw the crescent. I saw the whole of the moon"


Anonymous said...


My younger daughter wondered why I read your site given the often risqué nature of the pics.

Unfortunately, my explanation, "I read it for the articles" sounded precisely like my uncle's defense of the 'Playboy' on his coffee table many decades ago.

This article is so chock-full of intellectual goodness and powerful linkage that I have bookmarked several links and will have her read it when she gets home from school.

I especially liked the Frontpage article on the Strauss school of conservative thought. It is pertinent as she has just started a Philosophy class. I warned her of the pitfalls of Philosophy but she is at the age where things in print are more authoritative than dad.

My older daughter loves your site. She finds the juxtaposition of pics and articles as wonderfully fun and informative. Part of her fun is translating your jargon. I admit I read past the language now but at first it was loads of fun too and when I have the time it adds an element of humor to the most difficult or disturbing subject.

Please keep up the good work. I dread the day you find a job and leave college. I'll need to find another source for my foreign policy insight. I guarantee that whatever site I find it will be less easy on the eyes.


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Don,

Wow! What a great commentary! Thanks very.

You sound like a great poppa!

My 'rents were and are little more than benevolent despots who despise fun of any kind - and i think they used reverse psychology on me to get me interested in stuff when 911 happened and i, uh, bombarded them with one quiz after another.

For whatever reasons, eye candy seems to enhance the brand so to speak. Not having a photog or art staff, GsGf's posse is camera heavy and 'easy on the eyes' at the same incredible instant. Guys (foreign and domestic)love it yet girls over 30 do NOT seem to dig my action and that's ok. Serious argument about GsGf seems to focus more on style than substance.

Strauss is totally important in Internat'l Relations and Grand Strategy theory because of the deceitfully simple - yet absolutely correct idea of "Which one of these things is not like the other?"

The counter that realists often employ and imply is that America must be even handed in her dealings with the world.

Like Libya and Canada are equal.

Incorrect - America should be radically tilted to her delights, designs and desires

Strauss pointed out that relativism and realism shared a dangerously 'tarded "easy going belief that all points of view are equal (hence none really worth passionate argument, deep analysis or stalwart defense) and then into the strident belief that anyone who argues for the superiority of a distinctive moral insight, way of life, or human type is somehow elitist or antidemocratic and hence immoral."

Philosophy class, Yay! (Not). She'll know when to pick her battles when she rejects equivalency, and bowing to absurdity at times can often be used later as a set up for a killer cheque mate with professors and the uninformed (often the same).

It's implied that a certain hipness is presumed to be in the readership - I prett much write like i talk - FoPo, IR and Grand Strategy is pretty dry stuff - so the slanguage attempt is aimed at getting it sexyfully hooked up to make a point and stand out with a "...unique and unconventional voice all her own..."