Friday, February 4, 2011

Hyper Puissant!


Especial week for Small Wars Journal - these cats have literally whet the edge of Great Satan's combatty intelligentsia - enabling some of the sharpest military brainiacs to deliver steel on target with killer multi sortees.

"Why Great Satan should support Revolutions in m"Hammedist Turf"

Oh, you know it's so! For what ever reason, ME's Arab League and assorted spiritual kindredic nation/states are the diplopolititary schwerpunkt! for efforts in the New Millennium.

"...Internat'l relations is much like a knife fight— outside help is always welcome, little thought is given to the baggage that may come with offers of support, and you had always better watch your back. 

"...Ultimately, these friendly despots and their cronies are ‘not our friends’ and definitely not ‘legitimately elected leaders’. We also tend to get morally tainted by our relations with these types; not that our silver-tongued diplomats would give this a second thought. Realpolitik requires sacrifices and morality quickly becomes relative and squishy to the policy being implemented or crisis now at hand.

Hot the heels of Dr Bunker's (oh, multi game bay bee!) blitz, SWJ hosts a smoking hot follow up as delightfully shock shock shocking as the ancient PNAC Def Guide in the before time (1992 actually).

"Maintaining American Military Power In an Age of Uncertainty"


2011 is a critical year for Great Satan's Hyper Puissance le futur

"...Sharp disagreements exist between those who believe that the United States should optimize its military for future counterinsurgency (COIN) campaigns like Afghanistan and Iran, and those who believe the United States should focus instead on its conventional capabilities. The decisions the United States makes now will influence its defense posture and military capabilities for the next generation. 

 "...This dialogue is taking place under the shadow of growing national debt and a lagging American economy, which will make the decisions taken over the next few years all the more important. 

"...Yet at the same time, the future is extremely difficult to predict.

Diffusion of Military Power (Dr H's awesome tome could be considered the actual grandfather of an especially delish diplopolititary mashup with Great Satan's once and future intelligentsia - "Shi Ling!") shares hot deets and psychic gossip about how hostile or future hostile nation/states react to new innovations l'guerr –and to non state actor outers that do or don’t adopt them–has profound implications for the global order and the likelihood of war.

"Realism, Idealism, and Great Satan's FoPo in the m"Hammedist World"

 Great Satan's interests are now best served by implementing a not so new foreign policy approach—" that is sum-sum for our country and the burgeoning masses who live under the yoke of oppression in autocratic m"Hammedist states. 

"...Under this new sum-sum strategy, we "play the old diplomatic game‟ and hold our friendly despots even closer while we do everything in our power, short of getting caught (and of course not engaging in crimes against humanity), to seize upon golden opportunities that are now presenting themselves in Egypt and in other Islamic lands to support Democratic revolution.

Ideally, Great Satan should not instigate it -(indeed - all despotries are doomed) Democracy should be seductive, something that is desired and not necessarily forced upon others. 

"...If the spark of Democratic revolution should come about spontaneously due to the actions of flash mobs and social network-inspired rioting or is orchestrated from within by more organized bodies, we should support it from the shadows. 

"...If a critical tipping point is approached—one in which relative superiority hangs in the balance— and if the stakes are worth it, we may even need to show our hand and threaten or buy off the targeted despot and his military forces in order to make them stand down.  

Pic - "We're taking control We get what we want. We do what you don't"


Starbuck said...

The GSGF's got Jesus on her neck-a-lace-lace...

Steve Harkonnen said...

What is happening in Egypt is being perceived as a "Democratic movement." It is quite the opposite. As ElBaradei preps to step in as America's puppet as head of government in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood backs this move as well.

If you're buying into a "free Egypt" or feel your hearts flutter emotionally as flags are waved today celebrating the end of a dictatorship, you're caving into mediaspeak. The media is our government's best friend - dissemination of propaganda.

We're witnessing exactly how we interfere by removing a so-called "dictator" that never did any harm to the United States nor the Arab world, and yet here we are, installing leadership that will ultimately pave the way for radical Islam.

History repeats itself - Re: Jimmy Carter's deliberate removal of the Shah and the installation of what was supposed to be Carter's puppet, the Ayatollah.

Watch Egypt backfire on us. It's expected of any Liberal president to lead us into it.

Anonymous said...

Steve you're a fool. This liberal president is doing the right thing. Don't exaggerate the importance of complete cultural aliens residing on the other end of the ocean. No words of any world leader are going to push people into the street, and make them riot against Mubarak. These people couldn't care less about international politics right now. If the US will not however condemn Mubarak and endorse democracy (the principle US is founded on), the crowds on the street will never forgive Americans, should the people of Egypt ever gain power and begin to interest themselves in foreign policy.

On the other hand...Mubarak has no other allies. Mubarak has no choice but to cooperate with the western world.

A. S. Wise said...

Starbuck, I looked at your profile, and saw that you currently reside in Sackets Harbor. Wow! I have family in the Watertown area, and we typically go to their lake house in neighboring Henderson Harbor during the summer. I'm guessing your posted at Ft. Drum (or nearby). I'm hoping to do Army OCS (graduated from Va Tech in 2010), and wouldn't mind being posted there--except during the winter months.

Keep up the great and highly captivating posts!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Anon, you're obviously not following the details on Egypt as they unfold and you're guilty of not thinking outside of the box. That makes your opinion invalid; further, if you want to label people in blogs as fools and don't conduct research properly on this particular story, I would suggest you gather more details before commenting. That right there makes YOU the fool.

Cecily Rusinski said...

I for applaud the citizens of Egypt, they have courage, uunlike the brainwashed Americans...