Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tea Party Fo Po

 Don't Tread On Me!

Since the 20th letter of the alphabet went far beyond a well deserved rep as a powerful refresher - hot or chilled - it's also became a major diplopolitical outlook - with several foreign policy views.

Jacksonianism - Best determined as a common sense approach - that Americans can best determine for themselves - that hot stuffs like moral, scientific, political and religious truths are sweetly grasped and understood by average cats — versus brainiac giganteuses and curious idiosities perceived as inept, suspect, misguided or old school corrupt'd. 

"...Jacksonianism is always an important force in American politics; at times of social and economic stress and change, like the present, its importance tends to grow. In foreign policy, Jacksonians embrace a set of strongly nationalist ideas. They combine a firm belief in American exceptionalism with deep skepticism about the nation’s ability to create a liberal world order. 

 While events au courant can change FoPo outlook overnight (like discovering  Hiz'B'Allah rocketeer brigades in Mexico within Shahab-2 range of several Great Satan's hot military installations - just a for instance) two camps seem to be forming up in the tea party.

"...The first is that the contest in the Tea Party between what might be called its Palinite and its Paulite wings will likely end in a victory for the Palinites. 

"...The Palinite wing of the Tea Party (after Sarah Palin) wants a vigorous, proactive approach to the problem of terrorism in the Middle East, one that rests on a close alliance between Great and Little Satan

"...The Paulite wing (Rand Paul) would rather distance Great Satan from Little Satan as part of a general reduction of the United States’ profile in a part of the world from which little good can be expected. 

"...The Paulites are likely to lose this contest because the commonsense reasoning of the American people now generally takes as axiomatic that security at home cannot be protected without substantial engagement overseas.

Pic - "6 bags of Earl Grey with 6 bags of Green tea brewed and served unsweetened extremely cold often allows diplopolititary astral projections throughout the space time continuum"with The Pretty Reckless