Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot! Exports!


One of the multitude of cool things about being the only global hyper puissant (the only one of her kind - ever!) is - everybody wants your goodies de guerre!

And Great Satan's Warcraft moderne bling bling is simply - the. Best. Hottest. Ever, mon frer!   

"....The countries with the biggest appetite for U.S. weapons are, conveniently, the same ones that have the money to buy them: oil-rich nations in the Middle East. Nearly 50% of foreign military sales signed between 2006 and 2009 were with Middle Eastern countries, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Oh, it gets better!

"...Stepping up -- or "burden sharing," as military types like to call it -- is the theory that arming allies with U.S. weapons will lighten the load for U.S. troops. There is a belief in the region that the U.S. is gradually disengaging (yeah let's just see how well that works out).

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Pic - "Great Satan must endeavor that no near field competitor emerges" 


Starbuck said...

Despite billions of dollars in aid to the Gulf States, they STILL have the nerve to beg the US to take out Iran.

Anonymous said...

lol what a laugh. American manufactures are junk. Comparing American weapons to European weapons is like comparing Ford and GMC to BMW and Mercedes. Ill keep my Heckler and Kock, AK-47, Baretta thank you. I want my Augusta Westland, Dassault, and anything Eurocopter makes over its American counterparts. Boeing cant get a plane off the ground and Airbus is dominating the new market. When i was in college I went to a Boeing symposium, the new 787 is coming out next year. Its still not out, delay after delay. Third quarter 2012 now.

Hummers turned to scrap metal in the deserts of Iraq. British APC's dominate American Bradleys.

You and the saudis are the only people who are impressed lol

Anonymous said...

Yo, YE - you are the LOL in the room. Might want to check out some of those links before even more people realize you have no clue what you are commenting about.

Oh, too late!