Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pakistan's New Clear Bubble


Global 1st glancers could be forgiven for thinking at 1st glance that Land of the Pure's nation/state motto is  "Hey y'all! Watch this!" 

Aside from enjoying an amazingly underwhelming lit rate of 49%, Pakistan is sweetly poised to leap way ahead of Great Britain in the number of weaponry available for deployment and detonation as the world's 5th largest new clear power 

"...Pakistan's jump from an estimated 60 to 110 nuclear weapons is unlikely to shift the balance of power vis a vis India. With 60 warheads, Pakistan possessed enough weapons for a viable nuclear deterrent and second-strike capability against India or any other nation. While the jump to 110 weapons may put Pakistan's arsenal slightly ahead of India's in numerical terms, it does not increase the effectiveness of Pakistan's deterrent.

"...In fact, Pakistan's focus on nuclear buildup appears unlikely to improve the country's security in any way. While relations between Pakistan and India are far from cordial, the most immediate threats to Pakistani stability are domestic. Heavily reliant on foreign aid, Pakistan faces severe economic problems as well as an armed, extremist insurgency. 

"...Additional nuclear weapons are unlikely to help the Pakistani government solve either of these internal problems -- particularly considering the fact it's almost impossible to think of a situation in which it makes sense for a government to use nuclear weapons domestically.

"...While Pakistan cannot match the strength of India's economy or its conventional military capabilities, its nuclear arsenal provides an opportunity for Pakistan to one-up India, even if this victory provides negligible security benefits.

What ev.

Land of the Pure has a shady track record of being a hook up spot for illicit new clear chicanery ala "AQ" Khan and is prob like the hottest spot ever as "the intersection of nuclear weapons and terrorism."

All the jazz about PAK Army being a somewhat stabilizing institutional element is currently suspect as Land of the Pure could enjoy a revolting revolution of her very own - one that splinters and weakens PAK Army since the gov "...disastrously bungled the recent blasphemy furor, and is struggling to deal with the case of Raymond Davis, an American official who shot two people dead on a Lahore street."

Pic - "We want to fight America with ideology and politics, not suicide bombers and naked hatred"