Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coup d'état Egypt?


The most common, familiar regime change of all is the the Coup d'état. Long time fave of military cats worldwide (it could be said  Land of the Pure has enjoyed more than their fair share) - 14 alone attempted in 2004!   

Pyramidland's au courant system of Presidents For Life actually got a rowdy start when Egypt's old King Farouk was dethroned in a coup l'militare, lucky enough to get out alive into exile - alas, sans a massive norpography collection.

Is it risque to imply Pyramidland's top spy guy (internal and external bay bee!) recently jumped up to Aegypt's Veep spot hast das gestalt ein putschen gaben? 

Yes, yes, yes. Egypt currently enjoys a massively military military complex that nigh is the State (Pakistan is still the king)! Yet that doesn't mean Pyramidland's fully crunk army is all that - it's a reflection of Egypt itself.

"...The Egyptian military is a reflection not of its American trainers but of Egyptian society. Its popularity in the country owes in large part to the fact that almost all able-bodied men are conscripted to serve for one to three years. Its uppermost ranks, from which rose Egypt’s presidents — Mubarak, Sadat, and modern Egypt’s founder, Gamal Abdel Nasser — are today largely pro-American.

"...The rank and file, however, have always included thousands of Slamic fundies and radicals. Unquestionably, military service is a leveling experience, creating a common bond that unites different social strata. We should not overstate its effect, though. The military features all the complexity and divisions of Egypt at large. 

"...In Cairo, the Egyptian military is our last, best hope. We shouldn’t be overconfident.


Might explain hot gossip about Teufel Hunden sweetly loitering about in those Great Bitter Lakes!

"...USS Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group of six warships. Helicopters on some of their decks are there to carry and drop the 2,200 marines of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit which has been bolstered by two special operations battalions.

"...The flotilla has a rapid strike stealth submarine, the USS Scranton, which is designed to support special forces’ operations.

"...The US strike force has taken up position at a strategic point opposite Ismailia between the west bank of the Suez Canal and its eastern Sinai bank. It is poised for rapid response in the event of the passage of about 40 percent of the world’s marine freights through the Suez Canal being threatened or any other extreme occurrence warranting US military intervention.

Pic - " A contingent of seaborne Teufel Hunden always represents a significant threat, Courtney"