Monday, February 7, 2011

Killing Machine

Velāyat-e faqīh!

Gay Free Persia's Preacher Command's raison d'etre is prett straight up: government should be run in accordance with traditional Slamic s'ria, and for this to happen, a leading Slamic jurist (faqih), must provide diplopolitical "guardianship" (wilayat or velayat) over the peeps. 

Theocrazy in other words.

While Iran's clerics and Revo Guard cats lol out loud about the discombobulation in Egypt - the illegit Velāyat-e faqīh are killing their own protesters like a killing machine.

"...And, as the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 approaches next week, the government fears the day will be used by organizers for more protests. The regime uses the day to tout the triumph of m"Hammedism over a despotic regime. But the people can tout it as a remembrance of overthrowing a despised and brutal authority.

"...In the month of January alone, close to 100 executions took place inside the Iranian prisons, according to various sources. According to Iranian media accounts, the number is between 66 and 73—but activists and journalists believe it to be even more.

"...Just last week, two UN independent experts warned that there has been a dramatic surge in death sentences in Iran carried out, in the absence of internationally recognized safeguards, despite numerous calls by the UN to immediately halt executions.

 Pic - "We must establish a government that will enjoy the trust of the people ... God know that your capacity and courage are not less than those of others -- unless, of course, the meaning of courage is oppressing and slaughtering the people; that kind of courage we certainly don’t have."


Winston said...

Regime change in Iran and setting up a democratic system in that god-forsaken country will forever change the course of events in the middle-east in a positive way.