Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Slow Drone To China


When the largest collectivist nation state in world history touch'd off a tease with debutante ing Chengdu J 20 Black Eagle, alarmists instinctively set off the alarm

"...For alarmists, the Pacific balance of power seemed to shift in an instant. Armed with hundreds of fast, elusive J-20s in coming years, the PLAAF could dominate the South China Sea, reaffirming China’s rise as a global puissance and elbowing aside less audacious, tech-savvy rivals."

As psychically proven in "Shi Ling!"

"...Concerns of avionics, weaponry and even stealth capabilities about China’s wunder waffe may also be taken in tandem with production abilities – not unlike Commonwealth Russia’s ability to unveil prototype after prototype of hot stuff that is fun to look at, yet  – alas -  with zero mass manufacturing ability to produce enough goodies to shift – let alone somersault – any power projection balances."

PACRIM: Drones Gone Wild! is a great example of this  

When Great Satan deployed to Guam a menage a troi of RQ-4B Global Hawkettes to sweetly keep a non stop eye on vast wastes of trackless oceans, tender, sensitive spots in China's inner inlands and Chinese naval chicanery - this hap hap happy event denoted a true strategic shift!

"...In a world where knowledge equals power, the RQ-4 is among the most powerful aircraft ever. And for all its success in producing the J-20 prototype, China appears to have nothing to rival the RQ-4. While Beijing might be closing the gap with Washington as far as loud, visually impressive manned fighter jets are concerned, in the quieter, more subtle and arguably more important world of unmanned aircraft, China is far behind—and possibly losing ground. 

 As Captain Burke via Dr Michael H shared in "Shi Ling!" - development and deployment of hot! weaponry l'futur requires massive investments in logistics, booklearning, manufacturing, quality control and collectivist kryptonite: Unbridled free inquiry bay bee - totally queers the mix on despotic innovations.

 "...Building on a century of aerospace innovation, and with tens of billions of dollars in developmental funding over at least two decades, plus the urgency instilled by several ongoing wars, the US military has become by far the world leader in unmanned aircraft. Today, the Pentagon possesses some 3000 UAVs, ranging in size from the hand-thrown Raven to the Cessna-size Predator and Reaper (both built by General Atomics),and the much larger Global Hawk.

And unmanned drones are anything but unmanned - requiring attendants that can number up to 170 experts each to maintain 

"...Today, the US military has tens of thousands of personnel assigned to drone units, many of them with years of combat experience. It’s safe to say that China in contrast hasn’t developed similar human resources. All this means that even if the PLAAF developed and bought, overnight, hundreds of modern aerial drones technologically equal to their US counterparts, it still wouldn’t be able to match the US unmanned air force.

Oh snap! The funintended consequence is that China will enjoy little else except to continue to act out PR wise with a plethora of aerospace aesthetics like J20's grainy pic party.

Meanwhile Great Satan's "...Global Hawks and other unmanned aircraft will do the understated hard work of actually altering the Pacific balance of power"— in favour of Great Satan.

Pic - "My Kisses are as wicked as an F16"