Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Veil Brides

Ihkwan - rhymes with 'stick one.'

Just saying. In certain circles - concern for a re crunk'd up Caliphate is LOL'd. The bringer upper is often regarded as being paranoid, hot for fear mongering, loving Little Satan a little too much, m"Hammedist phobic - or worse - woefully misinformed.

So what?

"...Mubarak is gone. Just as Sadat is gone, and Nasser, and King Farouk, and the Brits. The Brotherhood has outlasted all of them. Time after time, it has been repressed, persecuted, driven underground, and officially banned. 

The Brotherhood survives and thrives in Egypt because its credo — “Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, jihad is our way, and dying in the way of Allah is our highest objective” — concisely speaks the sentiments of Islamic Egypt. It survives and thrives throughout the Islamic world because its Salafist ideology admonishes Muslims to take Mohammed, Islam’s warrior prophet, as their guide and to honor the principles of Islam’s founders, the “rightly guided caliphs.”

"...That is not to say all Muslims agree with the Brotherhood’s call to install strict sharia. Many don’t. It is a disagreement, though, that is perilous to voice. 

"...The Brotherhood perceives itself, and is widely perceived, as guardian of the true Islam. If you’re a Muslim, you can rationalize that the Islamists are too retrograde, too literal in their construction of doctrine. In the confines of your mind, you can admire Western thought and the place it reserves in faith for reason — an attribute on which Islam slammed shut its “gates of Ijtihad” a millennium ago. You can insist, in the silence of your conscience, that while you will take sharia as your private ethical guide, you have no interest in its public program. But you won’t say it aloud.

"...This is the quandary. If you are a Muslim, from exactly what part of the Brotherhood’s motto would you dissent? Allah obviously is your objective. Mohammed is regarded by your scriptures as the perfect human model to be emulated. Are you going to dissent from sharia, the law of Islam taken straight from the Koran and authoritative accounts of the Prophet’s words and deeds? Or from the imperative of jihad, a divine injunction the scriptures say Allah has elevated over all others?

Regardless of any chances that a trip on the Way Back Machine will - or will not -create a redux of Ottoman like Imperial m"Hammedism, there is a very serious - secular - concern about the Ihkwan.

Especially in Egypt.

And it should be addressed repeatedly until it's common knowledge in diplopolititary discourse au courant.

One of the charming things about Ihkwan in Pyramidland is all the jazz about all the 'hospitals' and 'clinics' they fund and run.

Try and find or search something about them - it's nigh impossible to find any specifics.

It is actually mind crawlingly creepy to add that to the mix that Egypt is the world's leader in horrific gender apartheid of the most depraved control freak mentality ever devised. Indeed - little girls from all over the AO are taken to Egypt to undergo a procedure that decorum prohibits mentioning.

So, is this the work of the Ihkwan 'clinics' and 'hospitals'? 

Pic - "The Brotherhood envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion" 


Steven Givler said...

Well done. I've been writing about the B'hood too, and about western journalists' incredible willingness to believe they are nothing more than a social club with an unfortunate name.

SecondComingOfBast said...

"...That is not to say all Muslims agree with the Brotherhood’s call to install strict sharia. Many don’t. It is a disagreement, though, that is perilous to voice.

Bingo! That's just the problem with not just Muslim countries, but any country with a sizable Islmaic population. They're fucking nuts. Whether they agree or not with their imams and shariah is irrelevant. They will never-NEVER-openly oppose the Koran or Shariah law. Period, end of story.

Oh, if there were an election involving the Muslim Brotherhood against a secular party or parties, sure, they might well vote against them, but that's a different thing. The point is, if the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other clerical political party, wins an election-even if its just by a plurality-the next thing you know, this will be interpreted as a sign that "God is now in charge of His people".

Once you vote God into power, how are you going to vote him out? It would be a sacrilege. It's one great big giant mind-fuck, and as for their women "choosing" the veil, what choice do they have? These people are browbeaten into submission from day one, including the boys and men, but especially the women and girls, who are little more than frustration magnets in Islamic societies.

The whole situation is Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

Mike said...

Awesome blog. First time visiting. Way to put a fun slant on foreign policy.