Friday, March 14, 2008

2nd Guessing

Great Satan's Cent Com (Central Command for the unabbreviated) stretches from East Africa to China. It's one big mess of dysfunctional states, semi states, kingdoms fully stocked on failure, violence, young people and oil. Iraq on one edge and Afghanistan on the other and tens of thousands of American boots already on the ground in both.

The Land of the Pure is there in one corner, threatening to act up and out with nuke powered jihadis'. The catty cornered Gaza Strip is burning like an Ipod about to catch fire.

On the north 40 the last millenium's Soviet Union time republics of the Central Asia 'Stans, skip along under despotries ranging from the merely authoritarian to the genuinely insane.

And right in the middle lies Iran.

In Great Satan's military heirarchy of assignments and commands, Central Command is at the top.

Large, in charge, it features all the killing machines, regime changers and truckloads of hurt and destruction that can be delivered on the heads of freedom's enemies at anytime.

As a theatre Command it's often the last or next to last stop for military commanders. And for Admiral 'Fox' Fallon, it was the last, maybe by his own design.

"Although I don't believe there have ever been any differences about the
objectives of our policy in the Central Command area of responsibility, the
simple perception that there is makes it difficult for me to effectively serve
America's interests there"
Great Satan's VP plans to cruise the ME hood hot on the heels of Fox's resignation may be totally unrelated. Or, they may be blood brothers.

And that is the message most likely being read in places like Basharopolis and Preacher Heights Command in Tehran.

After hanging in Little Satan, the VP plans to hit up Saudi Land and Oman which just so happen to host several air bases that could be used in a regime killing regime change for the Islamic Republic.

Even if Great Satan decides not to attack Iran, it could be argued that sending signals that it just might anyway is a good raison d etre for the magical international community to man up for tougher sanctions - diplomatic and bling wise as the last chance to avoid real shooting and to create a peaceful solution to Iran's daemonic hegemonic designs and nuclear chicanery.

If the UN Security Council really wants to pass on a regime change in Tehran, this could be interpeted as the right time to pass stronger meds in resolutions.

Sending Great Satan's fav fan of regime changes and all the regional stirring up it implies, sacking the military's 'good cop' who told Esquire he was pure reason about Iran may convince the mullahs there is a high price to pay.

Arthur Herman, super saavy historian, teacher, phd and all around super smart guy writes that

"In dealing with rogue states, diplomacy can never be a substitute for, or even
the alternative to, force. It can only be effective as the extension of force
- force that is a credible threat because it will be decisive if unleashed, and
because it plainly will be unleashed should diplomacy fail.

Force without diplomacy is sheer brutality, the law of the jungle. But diplomacy without force, or the threat of force, is an invitation to chaos - no law at all."

This is significant. Great Satan prefers that encircled Iran faces a less reasonable 'Fox' and a crazy, scary and unpredictable big, bad wolf


Right Truth said...

I smell something in the air girlfriend. Don't you smell it? It's a message, via Cheney, "We mean business when it comes to Iran's nuclear program." At least that's what I smell in the air. (Victory over little-dic-taters like Ahmadinejad)

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Lord Nazh said...

Petraeus will be CentCom next :)

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Although the Cheney machine is touted to be on a mission about the Israeli – Palestinian peace…yawn… thing, I suspect Debbie may be right. “Diplomacy is utterly useless where there is no force behind it.” VP Cheney doesn’t mix his words over Preacher height’s ramblings, his October remarks remain definitive, "Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions ... The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course the international community is prepared to impose serious consequences."

Now, how did you get that music to play in the background … Let us know yea …
ai at realgrid dot biz

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Debbie, yeah - thanks for confirming my suspicions - something is happening. Victory sounds about right. Iran is in a terrible bind right now and so is Syria. May take them both out.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Verlin. General Petraeus is indeed a very cool cat. And CentCom may be in his future histroy. Sec Def Gates announced Maj General Martin Dempsey as the new CentCom guy. Gen Petraeus may get bumped up to the JCS or even chairman of the JCS.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Right again OtToBaBe! I sent you an email about the jam. there is a free player that has like tons of tunes that is easy to post.

It's right above GrEaT sAtAn'S iNtElLiGeNtSiA links. Click it and it'll take you to deezer where you can get one too. Thanks to Francis Scudaleri at Caught in the Stream for the tech help.