Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

As if Easter, Purim and of course the Sabbat didn’t give Americans enough reasons for merriment, Spring has brought us another occasion to celebrate, namely the one year anniversary of Great Satan’s Girlfriend, one of the most unique and enjoyable blogs on the right side of the Internet.

Blogging can be a drag. Though I do this for a living (and of course I mean “living”) the truth is my wife and I make much more money selling ring tones and W.O.W. gold than from a series of niche blogs. I keep Red Alerts going for a little less than minimum wage and the occasional box of promotional swag because I believe in it, I believe in the ascendancy of the new media.

The reason I believe so strongly in the new media is not because of the blogs that are big now, but because of the new voices that are finding audiences now. G.S.G.F, Lost in Lima, Ohio, Mosquewatch, Ironic Surrealism: these are the sites that are building upon the success of pioneers like Hot Air. While Hot Air and DailyKos brought the audience to the table, these new blogs are stepping forward to show readers what they can do with the medium, and they’re making it their own.

Courtney of G.S.G.F. is the Robert Johnson of the young blogosphere, a pioneer in her own right who has created an entirely new genre of weblogs. Literate yet approachable her writing a synthesis of post-Beat poetics and pulp-era bravado, presented with the tongue in cheek pretension that is the hallmark of the true poet.

There is no one that does what Courtney does on the web today and that, combined with her admirable work ethic, have won her many fans including me.

Happy one year blogoversary G.S.G.F. and may there be many more.


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

And another fan downunder, Happy Anniversary! Fulfilling an important role ... is G.S.G.F.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi there Rob,

Well I am totally blown away by this killer cool omage.

Way back last fall a supposedly saavy pulitzer prizer has just pubbed his “Condi is a Retard’ rant in the Washington Post. I was pretty fired up about it and I reckon mein meticulous deutche siden came out on top because I researched the writer, the topic and hooked it up soundtrack and title wise with the “that’s Hot!’ girl herself - Paris. Using one of her tunes from her CD (which actually is quite good - despite the horrid press she got for it).

It was called “Jealousy” and it was BRUTAL. It brought up a very interesting ghost for the Pulitzer guy and his response was very much to the point.

My papa called me from work and said”Well, I hate to tell you this about your website” My heart was in my throat! “But it looks like you have a fan out yonder called ‘Red Alerts’

Well, Rob had actually put up a cool essay that helped to make my case and ‘Jealousy’ was the highlight of it.

I was stunned just like on Star Trek. I never thought anyone would ever read my stuff or even really care.
Recently it hit me - American’s really think America is especial, noble and the only one of Her kind. Americans are optimistic - always looking to the future.

Americans don’t have sacred bloodlines, holy turf or pre ordained futures. Americans don’t really care where you came from, what you do or don’t believe - they only care if you are any count at what you do.

Anyone can make it here.

That is the beauty of America. That and her awesome history and her essential, indespensible role in the world. And history shows how she got here - either by good luck or bad or both.

America built the Modern World. And She knows her way around.

As far as lil’ ol’ me - I don’t think I’m all THAT. But like all girls I love to hear it! I just love to write and learn and I hope to keep doing both for a long time to come.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words, your support and guidance - direct and indirect. Your time is precious, I recognise that. And I appreciate you sharing it with me.

ReD aLeRtS fAnGiRL# 1990

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

OtToBaBe! Thank you very much. I mentioned Am Int in my 'Special thanks' post. I love your insight and unabashed support for America from our Cuz's down under yonder.

You got it going on.

Right Truth said...

Love the image and article.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth