Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I first ventured into the exciting mire of Great Satan's Girlfriend when seeking for the term 'Neo Con Ho's, Neo Con Hotties, and Neo Con Hootchies ' in Google (that should get you some hits Courtney).

Then I saw the cute Zionistas with their big guns and big boobies, in the photographs in the blog's sidebars and became hooked. It was around this time that I began to read the actual posts as well and found the author, Courtney, was saying some stupendously super things of a political nature. Did I dig it? (...currently listening to Albert Collins) Yeah I did! By golly gosh!

So what exactly does a centre-left, atheist, euro-loving twentysomething Englishman have in common with a self-described 'Hillbilly Babdiss' Yankee "Gawd dangit!", sexy Neo-Con Ameri-cutie?

Well, quite a bit. The first area we found we perfectly agreed upon was our staunch support of the brave (tiny tiny as Courtney would say) State of Israel against the 21st Century Islamonazi pincer movement. (And no dear fellow Liberals, I have no embarrassment resulting from saying that word, "islamonazi', because that's exactly what they are).

Then there followed an unbound torrent of other policies we agreed upon ranging from Neo-Conservative foreign policies, Social Democratic domestic policies and just how absolutely fantastic and necessary our collective Armed Forces are to world peace and security. (Watch out Armanidinnerjacket!)

Courtney is without doubt the sexiest & cleverest Neo-Con Yank I've ever known and her posts hit the perfumed centre of what is wrong with the world and how to deal with the various ideological cancers prostrating themselves across the various continents.

Little message now: Dear Courtney, please let your American countrymen know (yes I know they're reading this but I'm pretending to be philosophical in a dramatic 'Hamlet' type way).

Tell them to take note of Europe's mistakes regarding the capitulation in front of a fascist enemy and how we in Europe are steadily loosing our hard won freedoms. For you Yanks, can save yourselves still, if you stand strong against political correctness and relativist liberal claims of cultural/religious equality.

Just look at what's happening in Holland, Denmark and the Paris/London suburbs. But don't give up on us Europeans just yet, there is a revival taking place and we need your moral support, just like when all is said and done, you need us.

Anyway, I want to wish Great Satan's Girlfriend a very happy anniversary and may you have decades more on this wonderful site. Oh and please! Please! Keep posting pictures of scrumptious Israeli military babes! They can make me sandwiches any day of the week.

Best wishes from a fellow cat lover!



Lord Nazh said...

good post Beaman :)

How you doing? (you don't visit me anymore heh) and how is BP doing?

Beaman said...

Thank you Verlin.

Haven't been around much for the last couple of weeks but I'll make sure to pop in more often soon. :)

Courtney: Well done!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Beaman - Hey there mate! Much appreciation for the killer cool omage. I was totally blown away - and I'm not so sure that I'm all THAT! Yet, it certainly appeals to my ego.

Thanks too for the MBEA (Member, British Empire, Anglophile) Presentation.

Like our syntax manglin', regime changin' cowboy in chief says "There's a little bit of Great Britain inside every American."