Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pseudo Summit

It's time! The 2008 Arab League Summit is about to to commence their annual shindig in Damascus for the very first time ever! Since agreeing to hook up every year - the Summit has been a top draw deal for ME despotries, horrid and benign - featuring the head honcho heads of state.

Arab Unity is always on the agenda - followed quickly by Arab Solidarity and of course, Arab Resistance. Hoping to be the host with most, Dr General Pres for Life Bashar Al Assad and his sycophant car bombing nepotistic regime must have been hi fiving each other for winning the honor to have the AL Summit hang for the first time ever in Damascus.

Arab unity ala Al Assad with a tacit allowance from the League for Syria to re continue total dominance and ripping the living guts out of tormented Lebanon - a 'sister' Arab state.

And it's all ashes in Bashar's mouth.

Hot on the heels of Great Satan's Wicky regime changing semi éminence grise VP's ME Tour, Arab heads of State are bailing with devilishly delish designer irony drenched disses.

Like King Abdullah II of Jordan. Not able to make the trek to next door Syria - he's sending a lower level cat

"Jordan is committed toward its obligations to continue its role to achieve Arab
solidarity and consolidate the joint Arab action to find Arab solutions to the
challenges facing the Arab nation."

And he's not alone. Saudi, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, and Bahrain are also diss inviting Royalty and Presidents for Life from the Low down Ho Down in Damascus.

Even worse, the UN Sec General is usually at the head of the table - but not this time. Instead, non Arab Persia will own up to regional meddling and intervention by sending their own Foreign Minister Motakki to give an especial blessing to the proceedings and support for their best friend forever Bashar.

So far only Sudan's scary 'Skin 'em Alive' guy and Palestine's 'Holocaust of the week' Abbas have hit the Hilton to hang.

Basharopolis believes the blame for this sorry affair of States is all Great Satan's bad

"The Americans have been working on ensuring low-level representation in the
run-up to the summit. We are seeing now a snowball effect working non-stop to
weaken the summit, which confirms the emergence of two axes in the Arab world.
Syria is virtually alone on one side."

Sweet! Truth is - it's not all Great Satan's fancy diplopolitical sabotage though:

Regional semi heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Egypt are a bit PO'D about Syria's murderous meddling in Lebanon and jamming up the Leb Pres selection process. Also the idea of a Persian Empire from Iran to the Med complete with clients and hegemony are most likely a big concern too.

In fact out of the 22 members of the League - only about half are showing up

Chief Arab Leaguer Pres Moussa paints a very diff pic - that the Arab League is just plain tore up about how slow the Annapolis Awakening is taking - and wants to spruce up and speed up the ever eternal ME Peace Process that the summit would also focus on the Little Satan and Palestine.

Instead of, oh - say - the UN's just released report about the Hariri asassination.

Al Arabyi TV Chief cat Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed points how retarded the whole "Summit of insults" has been

"Even before the invitations were sent out, the summit turned into a crisis
when Syrian Vice President Faruq al-Sharah openly threatened the Arab
countries that "anyone that does not attend will regret it".

These are words that have never been uttered by a host in the history of conferences in the world! After intimidation, the next step was the imposition of the topics. In spite of the conviction of almost all the countries, Damascus issued a number of statements that said that Lebanon will not be the main topic.

The tension in Lebanon requires that this issue be placed on top of the agenda for debate. After all, the Arab League Secretary General has devoted all his time to resolve this crisis since the beginning of the year.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallim retorted that there are other
issues that are more important than Lebanon.

And suddenly, Hamas needed to satisfy its appetite."


Uncle Joe said...

They can't even get along with each other much less the U.S. and Israel.

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL..."Arab Unity Summit"...LMAO...

"Baghdad Bob" must be doing Syria's PR spin ;)

Right Truth said...

That's right, they can't get along with each other. How can we expect them to get along with the West?

They need to learn how to play nicely together, don't we expect that from the youngest of our children? Why not from grown leaders of countries?

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen Townsend said...

So much for unity! Bawahahaha.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Uncle Joe, Skunkfeathers, Karen and Debbie! Right again my friends - like Colonel Khadaffy pointed out in 'Laugh League'

There is an ancient (well maybe 10 years old) tune by 'LiT' called 'My own Worst enemy' and it could be a really cool soundtrack for the AL summit. Crunchy guitars, 120 beats a clip, catchy harmonies all sweetly collide with killer true life phrase -

"It's no surprise to me - I am my own worst enemy - cause every now and then I kick the living (U know what) out of me"