Friday, March 7, 2008

"Bad Atmosphere"

Historically speaking, Arab League Summits have been about as earthshaking and exciting as being forced to ride to the hardware store with paw paw to fetch something called 'dryer hose'.

Lots of mindnumbing jaw flapping, horrifically stupid local talk radio (honestly, ever tried to live through the 'Lost Dog Report'?) boring environs and precious little fun or cool.

At least with paw paw - he could be conned into swinging by DQ for a Blizzard on the way home.

This years AL shindig in Damascus may offer a treat too.

Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman , Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen may skip it if a Lebanese president is not elected.

Eyetye Newscats AKI reports sources in Damascus admit

"Syria is very upset with efforts aimed at aborting the summit. Syria is not
ready to consider a postponement of the summit unless it was approached by a
unanimous Arab request. This is a bad atmosphere"

The last year has been a bust for Bashar - frightened of Facebook, WMD seminars literally backfiring on bona fided reps from the Axis of Evil, Little Satan making the term "Air Defenseless Systems" a hit on the ME comedy circuit (to be fair - it's prob not so funny in Moscow, Damascus or Tehran).

The UN fixing to unleash the Hairari Trib, and in the most risible twist of irony since Britney went to number one the day she left a Mental Health hospital, Syria's most wanted murderous guest of honor got wacked right in the middle of a 'controlled area.'

PR wise, Basharopolis needs a summit where all the Arab leaders can attend and nod off in Syria's Pres for Life's boring dissertations about Arab Nationalism, Arab Unity, Arab Resistence, Arab Honor, and of course the very real threat of that missile magnetic wicked little ho down the street - unabashedly swinging her skirt high enough to almost see her goodies, busting out with bling, high tech and the most PHD's per capita in the entire ME (135 per 10K for staticians)- the one, the only - Little Satan.

All to try and con Syria that the regime is not really isolated internationally.

It's also fake as heck. Kuryat Suriyah does have a development to try and make happen. Syria really really wants Lebanon really really bad.

A Lebanon totally dominated by intell cats and agents, ruled by illegitmate semi minions like Hiz'B'Allah (who may actually have more pull in the region than Syria does thanks to a billion bucks in mullah money) controlled from secret bunkers in Damascus via Tehran.
"One Billion dollars spent on Hiz'B'Allah in Lebanon can have ripple effects as
far as Detroit and Argentina. There is no native force in Lebanon that can match
this tidal wave nor even one tenth of it. This is Iran's Petro power deployed on
the Eastern Mediterranean not a local social movement building orphanages. "

This AL Summit is not to collect collective 'got your back, bro' for Bashar's desires to regain the Golan Heights - it's to totally drive a stake through the heart of the Arab League.

This is significant. If the Arab League actually sits about in a capital that is totally bent on destroying another Arab capital - then after Lebanon comes Iraq. Bashar's betting he can pull Lebanon off - after all - the re occupier is Arab - not Little Satan or western or Al Amiriki - it is by extention Iran. Bashar is the best enabler the Mullahs have.

And Iran is behind the green curtain. Tariq Alhomayed, Editor-in-Chief of Asharq Al-Awsat in war torn Lebanon pretty much pointed it out that the Arab League's probs are

"... not with Iran per say; it is rather that we are granting Ahmadinejad legitimacy within Iran itself whilst weakening the moderates. We are also giving the Iranian president and those who support him the opportunity to interfere in our affairs, and allowing his supporters to have a legitimate standing in the eyes of the international community making it believe that they are in charge of the region's affairs."
Tariq points out that Iran has been calling the shots so long in the ME - maybe the Summit should be held in Tehran or at least invite the Mullahs handpicked little guy to address the august assembledge of auto helpless autocrats who are pretty good at maintaining their power, their regimes, their militaries - but are total screw ups on everything else.

"The Arabs can go to Iran to attend the summit and bless the Iranian regime’s
attempts to interfere in Arab issues and meddle with our states and security
and they could hand over the reins to Tehran.

Unfortunately, this is what remains of an era defined by Arab loss and fear and evasion of the necessary confrontation.

At a time when Iran’s Supreme Guide [Ali Khamenei], commenting upon the events in Gaza, said, “It is the duty of Muslims to rise and take action and the Arab leaders must strike the occupational regime empowered by the anger of their people,” we find that Iran has thrust itself in our affairs without having to fire a single direct shot to defend Arab land and rights.

As soon as the Americans toppled Saddam’s regime, Iran jumped at the
opportunity to covertly exercise occupation in Baghdad and control Iraq in a
more sophisticated manner than Hezbollah’s practices in Lebanon.

Tehran does not hesitate to undermine the Al-Sahwa Forces [Awakening Protection Forces] in Iraq, which is blatant sectarian tampering, so as to support its loyalists in the Iraqi government and the militia groups affiliated to it in Baghdad.

Sectarianism is a game that Ahmadinejad’s Iran has mastered in our Arab world.

But that is not all; when Lebanon was ravaged by Israel throughout the
summer of 2006 because of Hezbollah, Iran’s agent in Lebanon, Iran never fired a
single direct shot in defense of Beirut.

Israel struck what it deemed to be a nuclear reactor project in Syria and Ahmadinejad, from New York, declared that Iran was not involved in what had happened. "

So far, no Iranian deployments of humanitarian aid, panzers or jets have arrived to relieve their new best buds friends forever in the Gaza Strip either. Just more outrageous outrage, and la missiles obligatore'.

This low down ho down is an overt covert smoke screen to export Khomeini's Iranian revolution - to create a shi ite crescent from Persia to the Med at best - to estab Iranian hegemony at the least.

"If the Syrian regime, the Hamas leadership, [Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri] al
Maliki's government, Syria’s supporters in Lebanon, and other Arabs want to
legitimize Tehran’s intervention in Arab issues, and since rapprochement with
Iran stems from avoiding embarrassment rather than a rational decision – then
why not hold the summit in Tehran?"


Karen Townsend said...

Excellent, Courtney. The AL thinks by letting Bashir host the conference then the fawning over the little dictator in Tehran will be lessened in the spotlight. Right.

Loved the chuckle at the beginning about the trip with paw paw for the dryer hose. Treats are good.

AmPowerBlog said...

"...Syria's most wanted murderous guest of honor got wacked right in the middle of a 'controlled area.'"

Killer line, Courtney!

Boy, you're keeping me up to date on the ME!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Great work Courtney, who needs the likes of
"million bucks of mullah money", Iran may indeed have some regional pull....more than most think.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Courtney.

LoVe It To DeAtH!

WomanHonorThyself said...

great overview Courtney..but the Arabs keep doing what they do best: KILLING!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Karen, The AL may have realized the real chance of success Bashar has in absorbing Lebanon. The signal is - any Arab state can knock out another. History wise - no surprise - the biggest killers of Arabs have been, well, other Arabs.

I really, really miss Paw Paw. I wish he was here to take me somewhere boring now.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Donald, Thank you - I'm still jazzed about Mad Imad getting blitzed.

With Great Satan in the ME it's tough not to get wrapped up in it.

I'm hoping to focus more on Foreign Policy here soon...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey Otto, thanks for the link. That Mullah money is dangerous - HBA can buy tons of pr, influ and bribe nearly anyone they want (or make them disappear). It's very scary for Lebanon right now.

Honestly, it's tough to think of any reasons for tolerating HBA - especially since they are racing to get their bloody hands on Leb's gove before the UN starts quizing them about the disarming reso they have failed to comply with.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Debonair Dude! Hey thank you! I think that is an ancient Hillbilly phrase maybe like a double entendre. I've always shuddered and laughed when I hear or say it.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Angel. Thanks - it is a political freak show over yonder - tough to decipher but like a car wreck - I just can't look away (to be fair though - most I've seen - I was the driver).