Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Significant Threat

The recent deployment of Great Satan's DDG 67 USS Cole off the Lebanese coast, supposedly sent "to support the ruling coalition" in Lebanon, caused a major freak session of sorts amongst drama drenched resistence movements, illegitimate regimes and 'opposition parties'.

Lebanese MP Hasan Fadlallah, (Hiz'B'Allah) followed the HBA rulebook 'when in doubt - holler out' about ye olde American Aggression. His body part collecting bud MP Hussain Haj Hassan (Hiz'B'Allah) claims
"This decision proves that it's the United States which is interfering in
Lebanese affairs, and that this interference has taken on a military slant"
Paranoia may destroy ya - but facts can kick your acts. How reasonable is it for HBA to semi freak out? Or Syria?

Let's review.

Currently, Damascus wants to use the Arab Summit as a fait acompli to signal Bashar's hands on control of Lebanon and HBA on Iran's behalf.

Not especially jazzed to wet nurse a possible Mullah mandated crescent from Persia to the Med, some Arab states are dissed about hanging in an Arab capitol that is ripping the living guts out of a sister Arab capitol. "Bad Atmosphere' and all - Syria changes her mind and issues an invite to Lebanon to attend her own Wake.

Great Satan's 2nd guessing , despite the NIE 2007, incinerating the most wanted 'Mad Imad' mysteriously in the capitol of a police state, the VP's trek to the ME and even Iran's new faux elections all signal the same signal;

"Listen up, it's just not happening - you can say what you want to your boyfriends"
A few days back, USS Cole split the scene heading for sunny climes - East of Suez. Relieved by the upgraded new DDG 71 USS Ross and the cruiser USS Philippine Sea. As fitting for Great Satan's globestomping regime killing global platforms, these girls bring the bling with future weaponry.

Flexed and fitted with AEGIS system and sundry missiles, including Tomahawk cruise missiles and Standard SM-2 anti-aircraft missiles. (Way better diff from the four-stage SM-3s used in missile defense systems), Standard SM-2 may not be so fly about intercepting ballistic missiles, but she is the killing kitty queen that intercepts stuff like aircraft, cruise missiles and drones within a range of over 300 kilometers (190 miles for the unmetrical).

Frightening and formidable by themselves - these bad girls are not alone, the DDG and the missile cruiser with Great Satan's Navy Expeditionary Strike Group Nassau led by the landing/ Chopper carrier USS Nassau - natch, which deploys and hangs out in safe and dangeous hoods in A. O.'s ( areas of operation) of the 5th and 6th Fleets. Safe and dangerous term wise may actually depend on whichever team is concerned.

Not by happy chance do the Indian and Atlantic oceans fleets sweetly intersect in the ME.

And Nassau brought her posse to the party.

In addition to LHA 4 Nassau, USS Ross and USS Philippine Sea, the group includes the land attack ship LPD 13 USS Nashville, the dock-landing ship LSD 48 USS Ashland, the destroyer DDG 84 USS Bulkeley and the magical multi-purpose submarine SSN 753 USS Albany.

The Navy's also chauffeering the 22nd Expeditionary Unit especially trained for especial ops. These 1600 jarheaded leather necked 'Teuffel Hunden' (Demon Dogs) killers of killers swing both ways - for limited tiny and medium sized ops or as the warm up act for a major military conflict encounter of the Regime Changing kind.

USMC can strike the coast or inland regions. Even better, ESG's firepower can be 'greatly augmented' by air power from Regime Changing aircraft carriers of the 5th and 6th Fleets and USAF bases near target turf.

During this tour, these cats - both the crews and the marines - are packing for action in the ME's theater of CentCom and are even taught basic Arabic.

This significant threat will hang out til April - when it heads for the Persian Gulf. She will be on full combat alert the entire time.

These Expeditionary strike groups, (that tend to exponentially strike fear in the hearts of wanna be regional powers) allow Great Satan to 'force up' wherever they appear and if need be start wars whenever they desire wherever they choose.

At a very short notice, granting like zero time for future or potential enemies to prep effective counters. And in the ME - ocean recconnaissance abilities are weaker than literacy rates.

Summary? The concern of certain ME countries, resistence movements and Russia over deploying regime killing regime changers 10 minutes away from sensitive and precious assets, personnel and command bunkers is an educated concern.

An unengaged, significant threat has magically appeared, which can launch a world of hurt at leisure. Despite Great Satan's reassurances that these regime changers will be out of sight/out of mind/off shore and safe as milk doesn't count for very much.

Pres for Life Bashar's bid to become Iran's man in Arab lands may be just a hot, wicked fantasy - like Pink sings

"It's just you and your hand tonight"


Roger W. Gardner said...

"At a very short notice, granting like zero time for future or potential enemies to prep effective counters. And in the ME - ocean recconnaissance abilities are weaker than literacy rates."

All of your paragraphs are consistently wonderful. But this particular paragraph was so funny I almost fell out of my chair.

What a great heartwarming article!

Thank you!

Karen Townsend said...

You're killing me.

"When in doubt, holler out". Too good.

And, the last line from Pink? Classic.

Right Truth said...

I find it very reassuring that it's the USS COLE. Sweet.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Uncle Joe said...

Great post. Where do you find the time for this stuff?