Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Special Thanks

"Stop Drop and Roll - Public Service Announcement" Music by the Bravery

"You put the Broke in Brokenhearted - You put the Art in Retarded"

A very special thanks for Debbie Hamilton at Right Truth, Roger W Gardner at RadarSite, The Bravery for the killer theme tune, Dr Bevin Alexander for his kind note, Beaman of Beaman's World and Rob Taylor at Red Alerts who first gave me encouragement after giving GsGf some awesome PR after I tangled with one of Realpolitik's really political apologists

Y'all's time is precious - I recognise that - thanks for sharing.

Also Verlin Martin at The Daily Ramble, all the cats at Political Grind including Shane Borgess at Political Vindication and Political Vindication Radio, Donald Douglas at American Power, Otto at American Interests.

Tech Support and original art work "GsGf" by Francis Scudellari at Caught in the Stream (he also functions as a late night muse and is one of Great Satan's premier artistes) Butch Morgan at 123Beta, Smooth Stone at Smooth Stone.
Red Alerts, Uncle Joe at Grandma is an idiot, Big Girl Pants, Pondering Penguin, Working Class Conservative, For Zion's Sake, YJM, Capitol Tribune, Amboy Times,Whited Seplechure, Democratic Media, Middle East Interests, Ironic Surrealism II, Smashed Frog, The Other McCain, Rethink, Pakistani Spectator, Jadi, Old Ironsides Online, Blogway Boys, A New Tone, Spree, Miss Beth, Michelle Malkin, Angel @ WHT, Seanne Anna and those rascally Crusader Rabbits.
And also all the emails - good and bad. Thanks for reading.
If I left anyone out - remember my profile does list semi retarded!


Hellfireblogs said...

Hey, congrats. I didn't know it was your anniversery. I'm really impressed by you and your blog, keeping up the pace you do for so long, and always producing quality posts is amazing.

You should be proud of all you've done with this site.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Courtney!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Heckfire! Hey there Rob, thanks for the praise. I'm still "rasslin'" with it an d I really enjoy writing and Foreign Policy and Current Events gets me going.

Thank you for that bang up bit you had over at Red Alerts. Iwas totally blown away!

The future is scary sometimes but I have high hopes.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Butch. 1st off thanks for all the tech help. I'm still kinda scared of Haloscan - and I'm not sure about the directions you sent me - all theat tag body tag jazz. I'll shoot you a detailed request here directly. thanks for the nice wishs, all your help and of course the awesome PR. U B tRu BlU.

Right Truth said...

Thanks to YOU Courtney for being the inspiration you are to all of us.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Smooth said...

Thanks for the linklove, GF! You're the best!