Saturday, March 22, 2008

Great Satan Pics

1st known pic of Minute Lady as modeled by Bambi Ross (Betsy's little sister).

Manifest Destiny created Great Satan way back in the last millenium. AKA 'Columbia'

In 3rd Reich Europa, Great Satan was one giant 4 armed killing machine complete with gangstas, beauty queens, rocking records, money grubbers, jitterbugs, sporting a Little Satan thong and an Amerikkka hoodie. Liberating millions, blitzing multiple Regime Changers in like 3.5 years.

When comics were king in the ancient 1950's, Great Satan was a masked superhero who routinely confronted and often defeated a major foe - Red Sympathizers. Super powers included containment.

A decade later Great Satan appeared as a Jet Age Lady Liberty with a halo of air superiority.

In the 1970's Great Satan kept the Lady Liberty look but appeared awful scary to religious revolutionaries. About this time the name Great Satan became official.

Great Satan still gussies up as a scary Lady Liberty in many unfree, illegitimate, murderous, corrupt, intolerant regimes in the ME - like Syria.

As Warsaw Pact time Soviet Union desperately tried to maintain control in the late 80's, Great Satan was also a harbinger of Heavy Metal. Electric Guitars like Freedom of Choice routinely threaten illbegotten regimes and rulers
After the Evil Empire gave up the Ghost, Great Satan became a seductive little temptress in the early 1990's. Note the scary Lady Liberty Look was still in vouge in places like the Balkans, Somalia and Iraq.

After 911, Great Satan appeared as crazy and unpredictable. Incinerating Taliban and dropping sandwiches at the same time in Afghanistan. Liable to launch Regime Change anywhere anytime with irresistable naked force.

This rendition was actually taken from the one surviving retina of Imad
How will Great Satan appear in the future?

Who can say?

Rest assured as long as the world has unfree, unhappy and unhinged regimes that torment their own people and their neighbors - Great Satan will always be around


Karen Townsend said...

These are good eye candy, Courtney. My favorite - Lady Liberty with the fighter jet halo!

Happy Easter to you. Hope you have a great day.

AmPowerBlog said...

Great pics, Courtney!

Hope you're having a great Easter!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Great Satan will continue to evolve as the definative a defender of freedom, human rights and democratic ideals. How she does that will dictate how she appears.

I too was drawn to the Lady "Liberty with the fighter jet halo".

Holiday greetings!

kevin said...

I guess I'm a traditionalist. I like the first one, powdered wig and all.

Seane-Anna said...

Hey Courtney! Love the pics! Great Satan KICKS ASS!!!!!

And you're right, Karen. Lady Liberty with the fighter jet halo ROCKS!!!!

Right Truth said...

Those are great Courtney. I like them all.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth