Monday, March 31, 2008

Laugh League

There is an ancient (well - to be fair only a decade old) tune by a cool retro kinda band called 'Lit' entitled "My Own Worst Enemy." Crunchy guitars, catchy harmonies and a 120 beats per clip with a really cool line that confides

"It's no surprise to me - I am my own worst enemy - cause every now and
then I kick the living (you know what) out of me"
A real missed op for a killer cool soundtrack in Basharopolis.

Like all seminars, speeches and summits, the 2008 Arab League hook up took up in Damascus with a moment of levity.

Keynoter Khadaffy opened the show with a diss and a laugh and a half on one of the League's fave themes: "Arab Unity"

"Our blood and our language may be one, but there is nothing that can unite us.
How can we accept that a foreign power comes to topple an Arab leader while
we stand watching? He was their ally - and they sold him out.

Where is the Arabs' dignity, their future, their very existence? Everything has disappeared. How can we do that? We hate each other, we wish ill of each other and our intelligence services conspire against each other. We are our own enemy."

Al Jazeera's cat on hand confides laughter broke out (probably amoung the Sunni low level cats) while others (most likely the Pro Persian Syrian Fanboy cats) were
Khadaffy - to be fair - has always been a hoot at AL Shindigs - he also brought up once again his fave ME Peace Plan idea of combining West Bank, the Strip and Little Satan into one magical nation called (wait for it)
Not to be out done by League's court Jester, the Lion of Syria Dr General President for Life met whispers and outright snitchery about jamming up Lebanon to the point of collapse as being totally bass ackwards. Contrary in fact.
"I would like to make a point with regards to Syrian interference in Lebanon. It
is the contrary which is true because pressure has been exerted on Syria for
over a year to interfere in Lebanon's affairs but we have refused to do so."
Bashar also went on a rant about Palestinan Sympathy Fatigue. Pointing out that the world was totally giving a pass to Little Satan's Strip Tease, while the Arab nation watched helpless and enraged rather unbefitting the fact that the 'Arab Nation' outnumbers Little Satan by nearly 60 times.
"Here we are meeting today while the blood of the martyrs of Israeli massacres,
has not dried up yet, enveloped with an utter silence of the world and the anger
of the Arab people and the condemnation of every one who has a free conscience
in the world."
Chock full of sincere blocs of insincerity, Al Assad's speech droned on with several pages of instantly forgettable faux fiction. It's a real yawner - right up there with golf channel or Canadian Parliment TV (and no diss meant to the Awesome Canadians either - except it's a lot like the old TV Land era 'Batman ' TV show's "Must . Stay. Awake." montage).

Palestine's Pres Abbas - true to the eternal victimistic stance that has played Palestine (a lot like their sorry military track record) to no end - may actually be at an end - Peace Talking wise.
"The coming couple of months are decisive. If we don't reach a solution by
the end of this year, it means the whole region will be on the verge of a new
era of tension and loss of confidence in peace"

Al Assad left the Summit hanging with a quiz that could be code for prepping for a threat of war.

"The question is: Do we leave the peace process and initiatives hostage to the
whims of successive Israeli governments, or do we search for choices and
substitutes that can achieve a just and comprehensive peace?"
And those choices and substitutes may very well include an alledged plot by Palestine to proceed with their PR blitz - top heavy with innocents - natch - called Return 2008.

Syria's Official Press is calling the Little League Summit a smashing success - though it may get the same press featuring the 'F' word like the 2006 AL Summit did everywhere else.

It may not have been a totaly disaster though. The AL Pres made a plea for another meeting to discuss Little Satan plus Qatar ageed to be host in 2009.

Plus Bashar got to hang out and huddle with his empowering BFF 's (best friends forever) from Persia - meeting with the Mullahs' Foreign Minister Mottaki.


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