Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Definition Recognition

What a hoot! At the same incredible instant 44 hosts a prefab posse of powers “Dedicated to nuclear security and the threat of nuclear terrorism,” United Nations hooks up to draft the world’s first comprehensive convention against terrorism.

For the fourteenth time in ten years!

Only thing is, the shiz is nigh undefinable:

"The major stumbling-block to the conclusion of a draft comprehensive convention against terrorism at the UN has been a concerted effort by Islamic states to carve out an exception for murdering civilians of their choosing. Israelis top the list, but Americans are not far behind.

"The terrorism convention of the Organization of the Islamic States accordingly creates an exception to its phony denunciation of terrorism. Exempt from “terrorist crimes” are “peoples' struggle including armed struggle against foreign occupation, aggression, colonialism, and hegemony, aimed at liberation and self-determination.”

So, as 44 invited invitees from the M'Hammedist Bloc like Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Land of the Pure, Wahabbi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, to party about securing nuked up terrorists, the very same nation states couldn't even define terrorism!

"In New York, OIC members chose Syria, nuclear arms wannabe and state sponsor of terrorism, to do their talking. Speaking on behalf of the OIC, therefore, Syria declared yesterday:

“The group reiterates once again the need to make a distinction…between terrorism and the struggle for the right of self-determination by people under foreign occupation, and colonial or alien domination.”

"Egypt simply shifted gears. The Egyptian delegate urged UN members in New York on Monday “to emphasize the distinction between a terrorist act and the legal acts…carried out by national liberation movements…” He also “emphasized” Egypt’s primary interest in addressing terrorism’s “root causes” – not hate and intolerance, mind you – but “feelings of injustice and frustration.”

Iranian UN Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee spoke for Non Aligned Member states (gives new meaning to ye olde 'with us or against us' meme, nicht war?) – almost half of Obama’s invitees coming from this group:

“Terrorism should not be equated with the legitimate struggle of peoples under colonial or alien domination…for self-determination and national liberation.”
(The issue of self-determination for the Iranian people was somehow not raised.)

Land of the Pure lined up "...with the statements made by the distinguished representatives of Syria and Iran.”

Meanwhile back at 44's new clear wizardry expo, Iranian enrichment interruptus – the leading threat to nuclear security and state sponsor of terrorism – is not even on the table.

"And half of the attendees at this anti-terrorism extravaganza can’t recognize terrorism when it stares them in the face."

Pic - "Oh yeah? Define this"


Peter said...

This crowd? Terrorism is anything an American who does not support alQ or the Somali pirates do.

Anonymous said...

These chicks on pictures are america.