Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Strip Tease

Like a slow, seductive, sexyful strip tease - Little Satan dashed into the strip and then dashed out teasing HAMAS.

Like a super dissed ho, heck hath no fury. HAMAS, reveling in the martyr machine working overtime, teased on with even more missile attacks - kinda proving claims that the recent border of disorder ordeal was an overt move to import snazzy new Russian style GRAD rockets (think gussied up K'tyusha's) built under licensure in Iran. GRAD has a range of about 20 kilometers (almost 13 miles for the metrically challenged).

An unlucky lucky hit on an apartment complex in Ashkelon - a burg with over 120K pop is one heck of a teasing escalation. Little Satan's ''Worst Case Scenerio" site by Gloir and Yossi reveal that

"Aborting this action in mid-stream leaves Israel with the options of air,
surface missile and artillery raids - or short, shallow forays – all of
which have long proved ineffectual. Olmert’s order to the Israeli ground
force to turn around and withdraw in mid-offensive was astonishing and

Senior officers fully expected the Palestinian Hamas terrorist leaders to rush
into declarations of victory and claims that they had beaten the Israeli army
into a retreat. And indeed, Hamas staged a victory march in Gaza City later
Little Satan's High Command has implyfully implied that the 'Big Op' is just around the bend. A full blown panzer blitz to annex and keep the Strip (hopefully turning it into a beach front Med Riviera) this time.

Ex Colonial masters in the land of Pyramids has pretty much sworn off the Strip - washing their hands of all responsibilities.

Totally retarded - After all, if an estimated 750K Gazans can diss the fence and make it into Egypt to buy snazzy moto bikes, ciggie puffs and try to trek to Cairo to meet hot girls, then surely innocents can get the heck out of a combat zone.

Egypt should NOT be getting a pass on this.

This is where the Internat'l Community is hitting the snooze button on their lazy, uninformed condemnations - to be fair though - the UN's Ban Ki Moon queered the mix by having the Boltenesque audacity to mention HAMAS's rocket attacks - as terrorist chicanery - no less.
"I condemn Palestinian rocket attacks and call for the immediate cessation of
such acts of terrorism, which serve no purpose, endanger Israeli civilians
and bring misery to the Palestinian people"
Little Satan pointed out that military rocket brigades using civi turf for para, quasi or resistence semi miltary use is a bona fided, full blown real military target.
"Under the Geneva Conventions, if a military objective, such as a missile
launcher or weapons stockpile, is placed in the heart of a civilian area, it
does not cease being a lawful military objective. The responsibility for
civilian causalities arising from the 'shielding' lies with the party that
deliberately placed civilians at risk."
Native Strippers are living in pure heck - literally frightened to death - trapped by murderous players who use them as intelligent shields
"I’m against these rockets, but I am afraid. What can I do? If I protest they
will hit me, they will kill me.”
Other tormented Palestinians openly quiz about AWOL leaders - Fatah and HAMAS guys
“Everyone is afraid now. Where is Abu Mazen, where is Haniya?”
Abu Mazen is comfy in his Capitol Compound Complex in Palestine's faux capitol Ramallah while Haniya is being hosted by Syria in Basharopolis - both safe as milk from the on again off again combat in Gaza.
"The people of Gaza are caught in between two sides. Isolated economically and
diplomatically, Hamas’s leaders appear to be trying to emulate Hezbollah’s 2006
withstanding of an Israeli onslaught while still continuing to fire their rockets, which brought the Lebanese wide-ranging support on the Arab street. "
The Kursk style kill zones set up by the HAMAS are not only geared for Little Satan - but also for their own people.
“Rockets and missiles are whistling by all the time, and the building has been
shaken by mines the Palestinians are setting off against the Israeli soldiers.”
As nearly always in the ME - intolerants have the initiative. HAMAS can fire up a Little Satan blitz anytime they want.

Little Tzipi laid it out pretty straight in answer to Italy's request for open give and take with the HAMAS
"Those who control Gaza are responsible for what happens there. We will not play
by their rules, we will change the game whereby they decide when to attack, when
to stop and for how long... We will decide when to stop our actions. That the
soldiers left Gaza today... is not the end of our activity against terror in
Gaza, which will continue."
Great Satan's Sec of State will be in town soon to try and salvage the Annapolis Awakening. Palestine has billions of bucks in hard bling riding on this. HAMAS will be sorely tempted to act out and sabotage a super weak Fatah.
"The fact is that the international community pledged billions of dollars to
them in Paris because of [the PA's] commitment to Annapolis and negotiations. If
they stop the negotiations, they will lose that international support, and
without that, they have nothing - they don't have Gaza, and they barely have
control of the West Bank."
Eventually the Strip Tease is going to end. Tzipi says
"No one has an interest in Hamas's success expect for Iran, Syria and
Hiz'B'Allah. It's success is not a matter of reality, but also one of
And when the Strip Tease ends - the percep will be naked combat.


Right Truth said...

The girls are back in town, and what a show they will put on for the world.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Avi said...

And the world screams at the Jews, "Jews, fight fair! No disproportionate force!". Tha's why the world loved us so much after the Holocaust- the only good Jew is not a dead one, just a weak one.

heidianne jackson said...

amazing post, once agai, courtney. i have to agree with bk, though, very few in the world actually support the jews - they don't mind us so long as we keep quiet and don't do anything to remind anyone we're here...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Debbie, the AM after Dr Rice split Little Satan did an armored blitz on Gaza's south end and took the border. Prob to stop GRAD rockets from magically appearing.

I admit I really like Tzipi and Condia nd I sympathise with them - they have tough gigs.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Bar, Palestinian Sympathy fatigue is afflicting nearly everyone - even the UN. And now Egypt is falling into a sucker trap that will end up with the Strip on their list of responsibilities.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thank you Heidianne. The world didn't really seem to care very much about what Israel did in Gaza. The outcry was NOTHING like the July August War - to be fair - the incursion didn't last several weeks either.

Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue is stronger than anyone realizes yet.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I think your comments on PSF were a bit premature GSG. The world did not care because they did not "get" what was going on in Palestine. Last winter, imagery did what had to be done.

The ritual holocaust to the Israeli Satan must have pleased him. He has always loved the taste of burnt infant. However, no one else was too impressed.

The urgings of the fanatic rabbis to the troops have been spread around the world. The racial hatred and intolerance by Talmudic standards is no secret any longer.

After last winter, things were done that were beyond horrendous and the world saw. And now, at last, the leaders are being called. It may not have gone too far, but that illegal state is no longer so loved.

It pains me to see my country being dragged into the Israel morass due to short seeing leaders over the past few decades.When thug Avignor Lieberman calls us "one of Israel's best friends" I would like to weep.

Witness the boycotts on all levels. There have been successes. They might not start a world war, like the Jewish boycott on Germany did in 1933, but it is a start.

The world has a long way to go to train Israel to be a civilized country, but there is small hope until the current thugs and criminals in power are booted out.

In the meantime, if you live in North America or Israel, you will not get the truth regarding much. You will be told what they want you to hear so that you remain compliant to the unofficial party line.

Of course, all of this is moot since chances are the world will be in tatters if the idiots in charge try to blow up Iran... and they are... literally... hell bent do do so.

And you are wrong. BK. The only good Jew is not a dead or weak one. That is the attitude of one who loves being spat upon. Kinda like the Hassidim do to Christians in Jerusalem.

The only good Jew is one who loves all people and behaves accordingly, putting aside racism. The best Jews are those who align themselves, bravely, with the Palestinian cause and have the chutzpah to be out about it.

Thanks ... I love freedom of speech too. Pity the ADL is so hellbent on killing it.

courtneyme109 said...

Perhaps not Noor - HAMAS and Fatah's own official Eng Land websites do NOT engender any sympathy at all. The world tires easily of rocket rich rejectionists and moves on to embrace open markets, free flow of ideas and has little sympathy for the world's 1st freely elected suicide regime.