Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bismarck Biz

While certain elements yearn for the old school days of 1909 and the great power game among Euro Centric nation states that shared the semi same constitutional monarchies, Westphalian writ of state, parlimentary systems with rule of law and protection of personal wealth and property - it is kinda funny to watch them twist up Furor Teutonicus' Weltpolitik to back up a decidely twisted worldview.

"So maybe it is time to reconsider the value of Bismarck as a guide for policymaking in the contemporary world. After all, if he were alive and at the climate talks in Copenhagen today, he might be logrolling the compromises and critical concessions needed to get a deal done -- for instance, between U.S. willingness to commit direct aid to industrializing countries for cutting emissions and China's willingness to accept some sort of international supervision on its reductions.

"Back in his day, Bismarck's Congresses settled some of the world's most pressing international issues, and kept World War I from breaking out for another few decades. Indeed, the Great War might not have happened at all had his parting advice to Kaiser Wilhelm II been followed. Having someone consciously emulate Bismarck today is exactly what the world needs."

Oh really?

Otto v. dealt with nation states that were very close toegether in values, outlook and shared something of a common history - Great Satan and her posse of Hot! Democrazies are dealing with revisionist reactionaries, corrupt autocracies and 'non state actors.'

Good try!

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Interesting to say the least.