Monday, December 21, 2009

NIC:2025 Project

Great Satan's Nat'l Intell Council recently unleased their scary scary predictions for what the geopolitical world may very well look like in 2025.

Amir Mizroch describes the up for grabs pdf:

"Fifteen years from now America is still globally preeminent, yet its relative power is in decline. The US faces multiple threats from state and non-state actors, some of which have superseded their nation states and could be in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

"Mega-cities forge their own policies and partnerships.

"Complex threats transcend geographic borders and organizational boundaries, and small local skirmishes quickly escalate into worldwide shooting wars. Asia and the Middle East are awash with WMD; space, the Arctic and cyberspace become increasingly militarized.

"Governments around the world take a zero-sum attitude to international affairs and retreat from free trade agreements, while simmering competition between nations results in a growing wave of nationalism, reviving historic tensions.

Art - "Great Satan 2025" by Kirk Manley


Winston said...

keep democrats out of power to prevent the decline