Saturday, December 12, 2009

"When You Can, You Should"

For hot! Daemoneocons, nothing is ever truly random.

Like Great Satan's coolest Uncle ever - Great Britain's ex PM - Tony Blair.

Aside from being the 1st cat to stand beside Great Satan on 911, Uncle Tony is not only probably the most eloquent speaker of the Queen's - he's also been consistently consistent.

And unrepentant.

For cats too cool to fool and happily free of suffering from Waltsheimer's disease - the inappropriate handwringing or worry with internat'l consensus about Operation Iraqi Freedom's near miss on Ba'Athist Iraq regarding up crunk WMD witchcraft is a significant bore.

"What amazes me, is how many people were happy for Saddam to stay. They ask, 'why don't we get rid of Mugabe, why not the Burmese lot.' Yes, let's get rid of them all. I don't because I can't, but when you can - you should."

Yes, yes and yes!

Jerks, creeps, and murderous, illegit control freaks wearing the thong of nat'l sovereignty deserve no tears for their wrecked despotries that they themselves have hastened:

1. It is not Great Satan, Great Britain or any of the League of Hot! Democrazies responsibility to prove or disprove that intolerant regimes that torment their own people and their neighbors, that may or may not fiddle about with WMD, that actively diss or deny the "Universal Values of the Human Spirit" are or are not safe as milk.

That gig belongs to the regime in question.

2. "When in doubt - Knock 'em out." Constant confrontation and selective intervention will ensure that unfun, unfree, nigh unhinged tyrants and all their precious assets can be taken out - all the way out - whenever the need or even opportunity presents itself.

This does not mean nation building some wonderful Disney like Land society per se - a really killer case can be made that - yes - kill l' regime au courant and something much worse could rise up.

So what?

Something much worse will have something much worse to contemplate about modern statecraft, R2P, hanging out with terrorists and Uncle Tony's cool caveat about sexyful regime changes or (just as good?) regime killing regime changes.

"When you can - you should"

Pic "The girl's tongue is real" by Preston


Peter said...

Here is something I don't understand. The left always claims to care about the people. Yet every time real people are getting killed, the left is completely opposed to doing something about it. And, when we finally manage to do something about a particular group of killers, say Iraq or the North Viet regime, the left is always "but look over there, that is where we should be", ie Afghanistan during the depths of 2006. Now Iraq is mostly calmed down and we have the troops to deal with Afghanistan the left wants us out of there.

That, of course, is not what I cannot understand, I'm used to leftists being scumbags, what I cannot understand is that after well over a hundred years, anyone ever listens to the left.

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