Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waltsheimer's Disease

Waltsheimers - the progressive deterioration in cognitive function - the ability to process thought (intelligence). From Professor Stephen Walt and Professor John Mearsheimer's pitiful attempt to reverse Great Satan's penchant for supporting sister democracies in rough hoods:

1. Consistently maintaining a losing argument or debate in regards to a curious belief that Great Satan's support of Little Satan is the sole cause of the entire world's problems. Waltsheimer's can be manifested several ways.

Originally professed as 'realism' in the wild, weird world of the Cult of Irrevelance, Waltsheimers is probably best described as a radical tilt towards the status quo:

1. Avoid any endeavours that may actually benefit democracies and champion any desires that are counter to Great Satan's internat'l interests - and those of her allies.

2. Status Quo must be maintained the world over - unless upstaging the status quo would benefit enemies, frienemies or be detrimental to Great Satan, her allies - and especially democracy promotion of any kind.

While deceptively described as realism it is totally NOT true Realism - at least as Dr Kissinger set it up - interlocking alliances balancing regional hegemons in pursuit of stability - Waltsheimer's is a terrible, wicked curse of a disease.


Rob Taylor said...

Now that was funny. Shall I take it you and the "fortress America" crowd are still crossing swords?

You're eating them alive Courtney, keep it up!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Poor girl...this disease affects sweeties like the one you show here? Tell me where to send the funds so I can help her out!

Aethelred said...