Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Not Yemen?

For a tiny nation state (failing or not) Yemen is totally hot! right now.

"Yemen’s remote areas are notoriously lawless, but the country’s chaos has worsened in the past two years, as the government struggles with an armed rebellion in the northwest and a rising secessionist movement in the south."

"Yemen is running out of oil, and the government’s dwindling finances have affected its ability to strike at Al Qaeda."

With a literacy rate higher than Pakistan - Yemen has been the hood for several al Qaeda attacks - going all the way back to USS Cole - not to mention the latest attempt with explosive undies:

Shooting up an Army recruiting center in Little Rock, Major Disaster shooting up Ft Hood and the scene of a crazy preacher extolling the jihad against "crusader nations."

Yemen also hosts a proxy war with Saudilanders and the terrorist regime in Iran with the Houthi tribe.

So, if "...Iraq was yesterdays war, Afghanistan is today's war and Yemen is tomorrows war..." then it may be time to advocate a semi Counter Terrorism war with an armored face. Except for the mountains - Yemen is great panzer turf.

Open intervention - clippage constantly rotating on al Jazeera - and/or sending out crazy signals like creating girl schools or a new center for Lady Imams could reap a bonanza of dividends.

Terrorist ratlines could be revealed by creating a giant sucker trap for easily inflamed minions and ardent supporters alike. Heavy on spies, satellites, drones gone wild and Special Forces, Delta Forces, Seals sweetly dropping in unannounced for righteous kills or snatching up fresh HUMINT for thorough, leisured enhanced interrogation along with a constant pr barrage of "Dang! Well, we done tried everything else, laws yes.

Splitting the difference betwixt those crazy Federally Unadministered Tribal Areas in Land of the Pure and Yemen could be the same as splitting al Qaeda.

Pic "Yemen? Why Not!"


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