Sunday, December 6, 2009


Behold the Realists! As best understood, these diplopolititary cats cling tightly to the faux school designs and desires of the last millennium's amoral, corrupt cult of stability.

Realists prize stability above all else, recognizing the alternative is most likely to be chaos. This wonderful excuse for inaction and passivity in the face of distant evils may actually increase the chance of foreign chicanery and horrific horrors.

Realism counsels modesty of purpose and an acute sensitivity to the prospect of unintended consequences. For realists, the notion that globalization will produce global harmony is unsexfully supplemented by a weirdo wish that 911 could be explained away, disregarded or placed in a really (NPI!) twisted historical context.

Yes, yes yes they admittedly admit - 3K Americans were killed on a late summer day - civilians mostly, citizens all on their own homeland's soil - guilty of nothing more than making it to work that morning.

Wheeee! So what?

"Three thousand men and boys perished every week for 200 weeks of the Civil War. We Americans did not curl up and die. We did not come all this way because we are made of sugar candy. "

True! Yet it is also true that Confederacy or Union never had the chance to deploy WMD - like blister agents, blood agents or nuclear weaponry either - unlike wicked illegit despotries and their penchant for enabling creepy super villans and terrorists have.

Amazingly enough, the Realists in their forever quest for stability seem retardedly able to proclaim that living with an Iranian nuclear capability is cool - what is the BFD?

"The realpolitik crowd’s biggest turn-on among their many peculiar fetishes is “stability,” yet they’re stringing along with what will be the single biggest destabilizing factor in geopolitics in a generation. Iran’s president may be a millennial crackpot, but he’s thinking more realistically than the “realists.”

"If you can bulldoze your way into the nuclear club without paying a price, why not go for it? Pakistan had to do it quietly, in the shadows. Iran’s done it brazenly, daring the world to stop her.

"We didn’t — notwithstanding that the Islamic Republic has a 30-year track record of saying what it means and then doing it. If you were ever going to hold the nuclear line, this is the place to do it. And the fact that we didn’t is a huge victory for the mullahs long before the first nukes are ready to fly.

"Go back half a decade to when the administration was threatening to shove democracy down the throats of every two-bit basket case whether they want it or not. Democratizing the planet is, in a Council of Foreign Relations sense, “unrealistic,” but talking it up is a very realistic way of messing with the dictators’ heads. A pipsqueak like Boy Assad sleeps far more soundly today than he did back when he thought Bush meant it, and so did the demonstrators threatening his local enforcers in Lebanon.

"Whatever your view of this scenario, “stability” doesn’t seem to cover it. In his speech, the so-called “leader of the free world” all but physically recoiled from the job description. Sorry about that. Not his bag.

"In the more toxic presidential palaces, you would have to be awfully virtous not to take advantage of such a man.

And soon.

Pic - "Twisted!"