Monday, December 28, 2009

Showing Their Fangs

Following the death and mourning period of an ancient cleric in Persia's rocket rich, map redrawing gay free faux Republic, perhaps it's time to revisit certain critiques of the Iraq War vis a vis the current rowdiness in Iran.

Tons of corrupt stability worshippers often cried out that when Great Satan defeated the largest arab army in history in 20 days those naughty, unintended consequences had xformed Iran from being a regional playa with terroristic penchants into a regional powerhouse.

Instead of causing Iran to think twice about acting out or racing for wmd witchcraft - Great Satan had doofusly enabled Iran to sieze the moment, enact the shia crescent and spread preacher command's influ from Persia to the Red and Med seas. Yes, yes they minister - only an unfree, unregime changed Ba'Athist Iraq could have stymied the dangerous ayatollahs.

Au contraire mon frer!

In fact - it could be said that Great Satan hitting the hood, then surging the place has actually pushed certain neighboring despotries to the breaking point:

The off cycle majilles election - Preacher Command - the ayatollahs - became eclipsed by their very own praetorian guard. Xforming Iran into a military ran regime with a firm desire to maintain their semi isolated, defiant stats.

Could that have really happened unless the most proficient regime changers in world history were not only in theatre but an overnight panzer ride away from Tehran?

Or the avalanche of sexyful elections ranging across CENTCOM - freely electing the world's very first suicide regime in the Strip, through Lebanon, Iraq and even Land of the Pure - the unimplied implications (regardless of the Palestinian Uncertainy Principle) are that democracy mortally wounds or kills outright illegit regimes.

A stolen election later, people are fighting back and getting shot down on the streets.

Despite 44's "Bystander in Chief: The Hawaiian Hiatus" events may be actually deign to design that 44 soon recant from lofty ideas of jaw flapping with illegit leaders and identify with the people:

"Bubbling beneath the surface, therefore, are significant elements of Iranian society fed up with their government, embarrassed by its foreign policy, and angry at its authoritarian ways. The dissident citizens are mostly young, urban and educated; the regime's supporters are mostly old, rural, poor and badly educated.

"Exceptions, of course, would include the business people who get rich on government contracts, and those employed in the various security services and the pro-government press or ministries."

Has the circle became unbroken? Has the regime change in Iraq actually increased the chance of regime change in Iran?

As Uncle Tony once let the cat out of the bag:

"The spread of freedom is the best security for the free. It is our last line of defense and our first line of attack."

Whoa! Like Kryptonite in Smallville - the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guards are getting weaker.

And showing their fangs.

Pic - "It will indeed be ironic if the Iranian theocracy begins to crumble on the most important religious day of the Shiite calendar."


Winston said...

I love your posts Me109. And I like yourself ;-)

Peter said...

A mistake that will go down in history as something far worse than Pearl Harbor, Dec. 1941 was not sending our Zoomies and Rotorheads into Iran, blowing up every tank, ship, rocket and army barracks until the Mad Mullahs had nothing left more powerful than a Red Ryder BB gun.

If we had done that, while not putting a single Infidel boot on the ground, our casualties would have been halved in the occupation of Iraq. If we had done the same with Syria and Saudi Arabia, we would have been able to patrol the streets in T shirts and flip flops.

Hello, world. We have an unstoppable military but we'd rather kill off our young men and women that use it.