Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hating Great Satan

Every since NYT cat Thomas Friedman channeled his best VdH impersonation and redux'd that whacked, wild and wicked 'Narrative" that plagues the pitiful illiterate, historically ignorant and unfree, tribally backwards area of the globe known as the Middle East - a fun topic has re reared it's pointy little misshapen head.

"Why they hate us, or, Stacking up tons of dead mohammedists P.O.'s the World."

According to super busy Professor Stephen Walt (it's true! Aside from high priesting Realpolitik/Realism's risible slide from the last millennium's corrupt amoral cult of stability to a new school of thoughtlessness that preaches weakling weakness, immoral isolationism and pining for the good old days of 1909, Dr Walt is also a teacher, writer as well as THE premier Great AND Little Satan hating, anti war - any war doofus grande') it's all about the booty - uh body - count.

In this regards - 1st glance would seem like Great Satan is nothing more than one giant 4 armed mohammedist killing machine!

Sexfully and sweetly encircling the globe, scooping up handfuls of innocent, hapless mohammedists (mostly women and children) ripping the flesh from their bones, sucking out all the bone marrow, chucking the innards while bikini waxing herself with their hot! sweet, sticky innocent, mohammedist blood (mmmm) - tossing away the remains like a hand grenade as she scoops up more for her insane inexplicable blood lust!

In the last 30 years or so (way before my time!) Great Satan has repeatedly, with out modesty or restraint and at will 'slaughtered' over 288K mohammedists the world over!

While the figures are certainly open for debate (example - does Dr W credit Great Satan with all those poor m'hammedists incinerated when creeps blew up the Gold Dome mosque in Iraq?) assume they are correct for the following sexercise:

"Contrary to what Friedman thinks, our real problem isn't a fictitious Muslim "narrative" about America's role in the region; it is mostly the actual things we have been doing in recent years. To say that in no way justifies anti-American terrorism or absolves other societies of responsibility for their own mistakes or misdeeds.

"The self-righteousness on display in Friedman's op-ed isn't just simplistic; it is actively harmful.

"Why? Because whitewashing our own misconduct makes it harder for Americans to figure out why their country is so unpopular and makes us less likely to consider different (and more effective) approaches.


What is Dr Walt left handedly sanctioning?!

If dead mohammedists are the raison d'etre for hating Great Satan, the numbers alone may prove how backasswards that particular argument actually is:

For 8 years these 2 regional powerless houses semi slugged it out with old school panzer battles, shooting off wads of missiles at each other's cities, deploying WMD and of course the horrific 'human wave' attacks - the Persian version of shaping the battlefield by duck taping little boys together armed only with a willingness to die for the Ayatollah along with the essential plastic keys to the gates of paradise and sweetly herding them into minefields to clear approaches for vehicular borne assaults on fixed machine gun positions and pre plotted artillery kill zones.

Result? Both places were totally trashed - as barren and desolate at the surface of the moon with nearly 2 million mohammedist casualties that failed to change any borders or resolve anything at all!

Chechnya -

Scene of several wars and horrific battles unlike anything seen since ye olde Stalingrad/Berlin/Aachen days of city combat, a nat'list movement co opted by home grown and foreign imperialist mohammedists resulted in Commonwealth deploying bad goodies like cluster bombs, mustard gas tipped artillery shells and downtown panzer surges that resulted in the capitol of Grozny being nom d'guerred the 'most destroyed city in the world' along with 200K civilian casualties among the inhabitants - mostly mohammedists.

Result? After several wars, battles and reprisal activities, Grozny could be heating up for another round.

(Here's a tip - next time anyone grieves over Gaza - remind them those cats were lucky! Little Satan could have gone 'Grozny' on 'em).

Mohammedist on Mohammedist violence produces enough casualities to ensure that the most proficient killers of mohammedists in world history are - well - other mohammedists:

Saddam Hussein butchered hundreds of thousands of Shiites, Kurds and Iranians, while few in Cairo or Damascus said a word. Syria's Hafez Assad liquidated perhaps 20K in sight of Little Satan, without a single demonstration in any Arab capital.

Annihilating 100K Arabs in Algeria and thousands in Chechnya in the last decade provoked few intellectuals in the ME to call for a protest. And that thousands of Pakistanis' killed and blown to bits by other Pakistanis' is a big yawner in the ME, or Syria literally blasting a neighboring Arab nation state's political cadre out of existence gets little game.

Not to mention that way back in the day, Nasser's Pyramidland used mustard gas WMD to xform tons of innocent mohammedists into living, shrieking blisters for the rest of their mercifully short - yet agony filled lives - or that even today Saudiland turns huge bits of Yemen into a 'Kill Zone"

Do not look for the Mohammedist 'comm ummah ty' to shout out about:

Woman worshipping, blood sucking Great Satan, in little over a decade, freed Kuwait, saved bunches of Bosnians, kaboodles of Kosovars, tried to feed skinny Somalis, urged Commonwealth not to kill Chechnyans, warned the world about Sudan's creepy little Hitler Junior, put paid to the genuinely insane Taliban's genocidal rule and made dang sure that no longer were Shiites and Kurds to be literally ground to dust in Iraq.

Or, way back in 1973 when Great Satan asked Little Satan to please not park her panzers in downtown Cairo and Damascus. Or, that Great Satan blings way more tons of cash to Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan than she ever has for Little Satan.



Rescuing perishing mohammedists whose homeland was swept out to sea (on Xmas day - no less) Great Satan's globe prowling Navy was on scene with salvation.

Great Satan's 30 year in the future military fields the most high tech, humanitarian, all weather killers of killers in world history, deploying intelligent, precision weaponry, the ultimate in communications and battlefield meds.

This actually reflects the super low numbers of casualities compared to Iran, Iraq, Pyramidland and Russia who racked up way more mohammedist casualities in traditional combat ops than the rest of the world combined.

Yet those mass killer nation states are warmly appreciated in any endeavor with a certain power bloc

It may be high time for 'the American Narrative'


Rob Taylor said...

The Walt's of the world are so fueled by their self-loathing liberalism and nascent anti-Semitism they excuse almost 1000 years of Islamic imperialism. What would Walt say was the cause of the Barbary Corsairs (all Muslims) attacks on Americans? What is the cause of Muslim violence against Buddhists? Why the hit out by Al-Qaeda on the Dali Lama?

In a way the idea that only some American action can motivate Arab Muslims to take action against us is the pre-60s style porgressivism peeking through. It's racist to believe the Muslim world isn't spurred on by the same ambition, pride and sense of greatness the West has.

Old Rebel said...

By your logic, the real enemy of Western civilization is other Westerners. After all, WWI killed 37 million and its sequel killed 72 million far worse than anything Muslims did to Muslims.

In fact, Muslims could cite those wars as proof that Westerners are trapped in the world of dar al-harb, and they only want to share the dar-al-Islam with us -- just as Bushbama wants to share the glories of democracy with Iraqis and Afghans.

I would point out DC's role in backing Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war, but that might explode your paradigm.

Oh, and John Brown was hanged 150 years ago yesterday. I have an appropriate observance for the godfather of the DC Empire here.

Rob Taylor said...

unsurprising that you think a man who wanted to end the brutal enslavement of a race, under laws that in fact had not existed at the founding of our nation when Blacks could more easily buy freedom, is a more heinous than the Islamists who keep slaves now. Like a broken clock Charles Johnson is right twice a day and he's called you and your so called "right" (actually just progressives)are Confederates not Conservatives. You leave out that pro-slavery forces massacred many before the civil war, and that the Confederate Democrat Ku Klux Klan was responsible for thousands of deaths after the war. None of those things bother you of course, they're on the right side to you.

By your own logic Black Americans are justified in Black on White crimes here in America since we were oppressed.

As for the West killing more than a book. WWI involved the largest Muslim empire of the 20th century. WWII was not a war of the west only, as the involvement of Japan, China, Africa, Russia and you know-the rest of the world shows. Most westerners in the 20th centuy were killed off by Marxists (Soviets, National Socialists) and Islamists (Armenians for example) and well into the 20th century Muslims were still routinely making slaves of Americans and Europeans. But you'd have to actually read history to know that I guess.

It's interesting that you take the Muslims side and repeat verbatim the talking points of Communist groups like Worker's World Party. If you hate the west so much and think Muslims are so great convert and go fight with your fellow Jihadists. At least that would be more honest than your faux-patriotism and concern trolling for a country you clearly despise.

Old Rebel said...

Rob Taylor said:

"pro-slavery forces massacred many before the civil war"

I'd love to see some documentation on that.

"the Confederate Democrat Ku Klux Klan"

Never heard of them.

"As for the West killing more than a book. WWI involved the largest Muslim empire of the 20th century."

So the Ottoman Empire is responsible for starting WWI? Interesting.

"Most westerners in the 20th centuy were killed off by Marxists"

Surely you're aware of the Marxist origins of the Neocons who got us into Iraq and Afghanistan?

"It's interesting that you take the Muslims side"

Read this and decide for yourself if I'm on the Muslim's side.

Do you get your history books from head shops?

Rob Taylor said...

You really don't read anything but Lew Rockwell do you?

Even the John Brown actions you decry were preceded win Kansas by pro-slavery forces murdering several abolitionists and free state activists. Even a South Carolina Democrat was in on the action, assaulting Charles Sumner so badly on the senate floor (while a fellow compatriot held Sumner's friends at bay with a pistol) that Sumner never recovered from his injuries. All this happened prior to John Brown attacking anyone.

That the Ku Klux Klan was formed by Confederates and worked as a militant wing of the Democrats until the 50s is historical fact.

The Ottoman empire participated in WWI, and prior to that in dozens of wars of conquest on Western Christian peoples is my point. Muslims are not simply reactionary to the West but have a ambition for a universal empire built into every orthodox school of Islam.

"Neo-cons" (and you mean Jews but whatever) being former Marxists does not make them Marxists now. Certainly you wouldn't claim sober people have pernicious drug addict origins, just a recognition of their change of views which most adults go through. I was more Libertarian as a youth, and as I saw many of my friends lives were destroyed by drug and alcohol uses i changed my position on drug use. Am I a "neo-sober" plant sinisterly representing Jewish, oops I mean foreign, interests when I push a pro-sobriety agenda?

That you argue for Swiss bans on Minarets doesn't change the fact that you argue a pro-Islamism point. If Muslim anti-Americanism is "our fault" why did Jefferson have to fight them? Where we stealing the oil of the Barbary pirates?

Why is there a Jihad against Buddhists?

How did Muslims come to be the majority of any country since they come into being after Judaism and Christianity?

You misunderstand history and the Islamic Imperialist impusle. Muslims aren't hapless children who can't fly planes and build armies, they are a ambitious and motivated culture who want to destroy the West not because we won't get along with them, but because they think it is their destiny to do so.

Nice try with the head shop reference, as I said I'm pretty much straight edge. But maybe you can make up some other lie to avoid my points.

Raedwulf said...

As much as I would like to discuss the War of Northern Agression or The Ottoman Empire "Ottoman Centuries" by Lord Kinross is a fantastic book on the subject. I will reserve my comments to muslim on muslim violence. GSGF is right about the Iran-Iraq war, it was also funded by the Arab Gulf States to prevent Iranian domination. The more troubling muslim on muslim violence is the type found in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and even the Phillipines where Extreme Islamic groups work to overthrow governments to create more Islamic oriented nations. This is a long term threat to civilization if this spread to Europe and the West.

Rob Taylor said...

Agreed. Islams inherent warfare orientation makes assimilation into the west problematic without the West promoting Enlightenment ideals among settling Muslim populations.

Old Rebel said...

Rob Taylor,

Don't let facts get in the way of your opinions, whatever you do.

One man was killed in the raid on Lawrence. In retaliation, your hero John Brown captured 5 innocent young men and hacked them to death with swords at Pottawatomie Creek. Glory, glory.

And you include the caning of Sumner to back up your assertion about "massacres"? Pitiful.

You continue to miss the point about Muslim violence. GSGF argued that Western assaults on Muslims aren't significant because Muslims have killed many other Muslims. My point about the West's wars is that we seem more suicidal than them.

And yes, the Trotskyite foundations of Neoconism are relevant -- they are a universalist, big-government ideology, totally opposed to conservatism. (BTW, your clumsy attempt to brand me as anti-Semitic is more worthy of a leftist thug. Brush up on your debate skills -- ad hominem attacks don't work.)

Your statement "How did Muslims come to be the majority of any country since they come into being after Judaism and Christianity?" ignores Kosovo.

And again, I understand that Islam is an alien and hostile culture. Unlike the Neocons, I oppose the open borders policy that allows Muslims to establish colonies here in the US. However, I do not wish to impose death and displacement on innocent Muslims in the Middle East. That doesn't make me pro-Muslim, it's what's expected of a Christian.

Patriotism is NOT blind obedience to lying politicians; it's love of your people and heritage, which I wish to preserve.

courtneyme109 said...

Anything cited by any one with a track record like Arab League or the Mohammedist Bloc is automatically suspect. Pitiful lit rates, illegit govs and almost zero manufacturing hooked up with tribal living in the past - nearly 1200 year in the past - is not only a buzzkill - it renders any 'narrative' or 'why they hate us' handwringing null and void.

Old Rebel said...


You're right. They are pretty inferior. Nuke 'em.

Right Truth said...

You Rock Courtney. Keep up the good work.

What's Santa getting you for Christmas? Maybe a Preditor? An Uzi? Some fatigues?

I've asked for an Uzi for years, but I haven't gotten one yet. Hubby says I don't really "need" one, ha.

Have a good weekend. You and your girlfriends have fun.

Right Truth

courtneyme109 said...

old rebel - you continue to underwhelm. Fact is - most Americans simply do not care what certain elements in the world think them.

I see where you reach that conclusion though - using Dr Walt's numbers makes the case that maybe killing tons more - indiscriminately and eschewing life saving precision weaponry and rules of engagement may indeed make Great Satan as popular as Russia, Iraq or Iran in the OIC.

This essay/analysis proves imperial mohammedist complaints actually make Freidman's 'narrative'more valid than ever - despite Dr Walt's pitiful attempt to shift blame on dead mohammedists or Great satan's support of Little Satan

Old Rebel said...


Truth is, more Americans agree with us -- maybe our Founders were on to something:

courtneyme109 said...

old rebel - only until you consider these polls

and this one:

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add this to the bodycount.,1518,660619,00.html

Eric A'dammer

Skunkfeathers said...

Old Rebel: I actually agree with you on something you said. Nuke 'em. If the "peaceful Muslims" can't control the Islamofacists in their midst, perhaps they need some hep. We can supply it.

GSGF: masterfully written and presented, as always.