Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adios, MoFo

Ha! One thing all despots should have in common (especially after the spider hole debacle) is an escape hatch.

"Supreme National Security Council has ordered a complete check-up of the jet which is on standby to fly Supreme Leader and his family to Russia should the situation in Iran spiral out of control."


"There can now be little doubt about the movement's staying power. Western countries dealing with Iran must now recognize that the specter of this democratic movement hovers over every negotiation."

Pic - "Adios MoFo!"

Shout out to Winston @ Spirit of Man


Winston said...

CIA must work on the Iranian military and urge them to switch sides

Peter said...

Alas, Persia. If this had only happened during the early part of 43's Administration. Today, we'll only see the dead.

Do not expect the CIA to help, we have a leftist in power now and leftists love death.

Winston said...