Friday, December 4, 2009

A Question Of Command

Great Satan's Leather necked Teufel Hunden Warcraft Academy features tons of super savvy combat cats that are globalizing Great Satan's penchant for combat cadre that evolve exponentially.

Like Dr Mark Moyer - professor of national security affairs at the Marine Corps University, Insurgency and Terrorism Dept.

Dr M has recently unleashed "A Question of Command" a how to manual for handling rowdy intolerants until they are either marginalized - or annihilated. Either way is fine.

Covering conflicts from Great Satan's Civil War up til Surge Time Iraq, Dr M was kind enough to share some insight and intell about "Question of Command":

"With publication, I hope to influence three specific audiences, in addition to the general public. The first is the U.S. military’s officer corps. Through its historical analysis and theoretical analysis, the book illustrates the leadership attributes and methods that have produced success in the past and are likely to do so in the future. It explains how to develop leaders, put them in the right positions, delegate authority efficiently, co-opt new groups of leaders, and influence an ally’s leadership. These subjects have been ignored almost entirely by previous scholars, in favor of topics of considerably less value to practitioners.

"The second audience is policymakers, who are apt to make bad decisions in counterinsurgency situations if they do not understand the dynamics of counterinsurgency leadership. For example, American policymakers would not have barred Iraq’s traditional ruling class from the new Iraqi security forces had it known that building security force programs on a crash basis without experienced officers is a recipe for disaster.

"The third audience is the scholarly community, particularly in the areas of history and political science. I am hoping to convince them that they have given insufficient attention to the role of leadership in counterinsurgency, and will therefore redirect attention in such a way as to promote greater learning in this area.

Pic - " A Question of Command"


Eric A'dammer said...

The heavily overrated Moshe Dayan committed the same mistake in the newly liberated territories post 6 Day ar by dismissing the tribal elders & forcefeeding democracy to the unwanting.Result a petridish for dictatorial strongmen.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Not so sure about that Eric - isn't it true the sucking kicked into overdrive AFTER Comrade Papa Arafat was brought back from exile?

Dan de Wit said...

Moyar's book on The Phoenix Project was also pretty incredible. Nothing like mapping put the support structure for Red Indochine's Viet Cong, and then systematically hunting them down...