Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fighting To Win

As the clock ticks down til the balloon goes up at Great Satan's premier Warcraft Academy - tons of eyes and ears are waiting on 44 to announce the new, improved AFPAK.

Here's irony for you - the very name AFPAK may be ditched as "...it infuriates both countries..." and will most likely feature a two for one deal:

Heavy COIN (counter insurgency ops) for Afghanistan and heavy Counter Terrorism for Land of the Pure - (more 'Drones Gone Wild!' stuff fo' sho!)

Doubtless, 44 will lay it out to play it out as designed and/or influenced by combat rock stars and leaks about France kicking in an additional 1.5k troops along with Great Britain's 5K may give small boon to the 30K Combat GI's (about 4 additional brigades).

Probably won't be spoken out loud - yet if corruption in Afghanistan is truly to be faced down - destroying or capturing those wacked, wild, wicked pop pop poppy fields has got to be on the menu.

Also, note Great Satan will be able to shape the violence on a regional scale with that much hard power in hand - a good sign to keep huge bits of Pakistan from falling into internat'l rec'vership - which after all is the Pak in AFPAK.

Pic "Fighting to win!"


Raedwulf said...

I agree that this has to be a multi front effort. Destroy the drug trade, more clandestine intervention in Pakistan and more military domination in Afghanistan. Thank goodness for Sarkozy. Viva La France.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Call it Dirtypajamaland - if the shoe fits, wear it. I've been there and seen it....