Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Agents Of Enemy Influence

The recent FoPo Hello FP Online hosted about last years electile dysfunction in Iran:

"... asked seven prominent Iranian-Americans, deeply immersed in both the English- and Persian-language media, to look through the fog of journalism at what actually happened in Tehran -- and why so many of us got it so wrong..."

Gleefully dissing the misreaders of Tehran, the infamous despotic defending duo makes a self congratulating self aggrandizing appearance.

Essentially - the mullahs are cool, the electile dysfunction was cool and Great Satan is jamming up everything beyond repair with all that evil Green Revo jazz

Dr.'s Hillary Mann Leverett and her other half Dr Flynt Leverett are more than a hot item among Great Satan's Think Tanks, Ex Admin players and Foreign Policy/ Internat'l Relations cats.

They are also a malign influence in Great Satan's national and internat'l interests.

And quite possibly - paid enemy agents of enemy influence.

Pic "Marg bar Amrika"


Winston said...

They are scumbags. Traitors and douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lee Smith, you always roll deep with the crazy.