Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flotilla Fight

Amazing vid of rowdy HAMAS fans' seaborne chicanery against Little Satan's navy.

Seems like Turkey set up this 'crisis' to estab bona fides as a leader in the ME or HAMAS via Mullahopolis is making a play to turn internat'l 'Peace' activists into martyrs to discredit, discombobulate and isolate Little Satan.

Repentant Ottomans never really seemed to care much about Palestine.

Until Iran purchased HAMAS...


J. said...

Yes, it is a shame that the IDF used a combat plan based on a ROTC interpretation of "Blackhawk Down." How else could one explain such a half-assed approach to ship-boarding a hostile vessel? Paint-ball guns? Seriously?

I don't think you have to look to Turkey for the leadership of this crisis. Little Satan is isolating itself very nicely with its inept actions.

Render said...

Seriously Israel has the legal right to stop those ships by any means necessary. Seriously Israel was within its legal rights to have sunk them all. Seriously Israel chose to use a less violent route. Seriously people like you would have found fault with whatever the IDF had chosen to do. Seriously, you do so every single time you comment on Israel.

Perhaps you're not thinking hard enough? The one ship out of nine that attempted to lynch the IDF was manned by the IHH which is a Turkish based HAMAS affiliate operating with the express consent of the Turkish government. Once again Jews are “isolated” and condemned for defending themselves from genocidal terrorists.

Given the incredibly low number of IDF injuries and the undeniable fact that the pro-HAMAS fleet was halted and is now interned with a relatively low number of casualties amongst the armed terrorist supporters the operation was a complete success from the IDF standpoint. Hardly comparable to Mogadishu in any way beyond the use of helicopters and fast-roping.

Little Satan is isolated because well over 100 million people are dedicated to the extermination of all Jews.


Philistine said...

Israel is a sovereign nation. They just showed what a sovereign nation does to invaders.

I love the school baby tactics of commenters like J. Did they do too much violence, or not enough? Well, Mr. ArmsChair Quranterback, which was it? Have a little more medical and you'll forget all about the ineptitude of sovereign nations.

How about this: don't go invading Israel and you don't get your ass handed to you by the IDF.

Peter said...

If it were up to me that whole flotilla would be at the bottom of the sea with fish eating the corpses.

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Allen said...

too bad those ships couldn't have a torpedo-induced "industrial accident" like the ones that happen where they make bomb vests...

Lily said...

good post and interesting comments.
have linked to you from my ALLVOICES-article