Thursday, June 24, 2010

P4's COIN World


From Tampa to Kabul - Great Satan's unconventional original ganksta Surgin' General defies convention again - with Command flowcharts this time (reckon there's a power point for that?) - and in a spiritual sense, inherits a world he hath made.

Ideally, P4 will fast track Surge and focus on the trinity of issues giganteus:

A'Stan's ancient style corrupt, tribalistic gov. Getting too snuggly with Prez Hamid may actually undermine Great Satan's longer term sec interests.

Sexing up the diplopolititary command structure with a robustly sleeker look and operational control. All those czars, envoys and ambassadors may be, uh, queering the mix way too much.

And the PAK part of AFPAK. Land of the Pure's General Kanayi (alledgedly the last of the Sandhurst chaps that drink whisker and tote a swagger stick) will be at a crossroads in his career. P4's prior connections will be crucial as he unleashes SOF to sweetly kill off ISI agents while preventing replacements and replenishment .

Doing all of this (and taking on Mullahopolis' meddling) and knocking it off the radar as the bulk of Great Satan's troops arrive make the 2nd time in the long small wars that P4 has deployed to do double duty for a CiC in extremis

Pic "And I''m burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you"