Tuesday, June 29, 2010

СМЕРть Шпионам

SMERt' SHpionam Ba Booshkah!!

Hotter than a "Heck" Burger from Ray's!

Deep cover Commonwealth super spies with a penchant for Great Satan's intelligentisa in sensitive, tender positions like nat'l sec cats and new clear weaponry brainiacs!

"...Criminal complaints filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday read like an old-fashioned cold war thriller: Spies swapping identical orange bags as they brushed past one another in a train station stairway. An identity borrowed from a dead Canadian, forged passports, messages sent by shortwave burst transmission or in invisible ink. A money cache buried for years in a field in upstate New York.

"The network of so-called illegals — spies operating under false names outside of diplomatic cover — also used cyber-age technology, according to the charges. They embedded coded texts in ordinary-looking images posted on the Internet, and they communicated by having two agents with laptops containing special software pass casually as messages flashed between them.


Handing off cash, sweet hot! intell and gossip in a nation not unlike Venuzuela, Great Satan's frenemies in Commonwealth may have deployed delightful assets like the recent risque raison de liason involving a Commodore from India's Defense Ministry and various nautical naughtiness...

Pic "From Commonwealth With Love"