Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Light II

Whoa! Like the wicked tall tail tales that rumors mill grinds and regrinds, this partic bit of juicy diplopolititary gossip l'guerre' keeps, uh - popping out.

Whabbia Arabia practices standing down the Royal AF while Little Satan does the southern leg of a day trip to Persia

The idosity that Little Satan may just say the heck with it and strike Persian enrichment chicanery along with those 3 magical soft spots crucial to Preacher Commands new clear ambitions may mean where there is blunt smoke - there is a blunt cooking off in the immediate environs.

Iran’s nuclear complex has three critical nodes: Esfahan, with its conversion facility, the Natanz enrichment facility, and the heavy water plant and future plutonium production reactors at Arak.

Blitzing bomb building builders of a new clear persuasion at all three sites (all magnetically attracting multiple 'strike packages')

The total number of weapons needed to have reasonable confidence in destroying all three target sets is thus 24 5000-lb weapons and 24 2000-lb weapons.

84 tons of intelligent guided precision weaponry!

Pic "An independent assessment of Israel’s options for striking at Iran’s facilities, based in part on prior work on Iran’s nuclear facilities" or, Green Light II

Shout out to Dr D @AmPow!


Raedwulf said...

Although bombing the nuclear sites may be satisfying. The key is overthrowing the current government and the theocracy that wields so much power. The best way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head. Decapitate the leadership. That is the key.

Anonymous said...

The product be too diffused by now
It may be necessary to wait until they have to gather all those pits of uranium together to form a device -then it'll all be in one place...

Philistine said...

Question: Is there anyone that matters that is NOT green lighting this at the moment?

Question #2: What is to stop the use of small nukes at the nuke sites? There will be radiation either way, correct? And no real verification of seismic signatures or proprietary isotopes...

It might require fewer bombs and bombers than you think. Besides, Israel won't go having it's entire air force exposed and away to do this. The 3 subs could probably do it on their own.