Thursday, June 17, 2010


Whoa! Tough times in AfPAK, P4’s event and testification (not a cut – yours truly has most likely racked up way more theatriques ala moment mentis non compos than Great Satan’s Surgin’ General) and of course – “Weenie Hut Juniors” inappropriate handwringing and gleeful gloating - hoping for a chance that 44 may implement the ancient cult of failure like “Retreat! Defeat! And Repeat!” on a strategic level

Cutting through the smokescreens and to put steel on target, the ever essential “Vom Kriege” is sweet meds indeed!

Furor Teutonicus psychically predicted a magical metaphysical counterminious dependency - all the dominant strengths/weaknesses of any diplopolititary belligerent are sweetly bound up in “…a center of gravity…”

Sweet Schwerpunkt! Bay bee! “…The geo-political or politico-military position of each belligerent state relative to its allies and opponents: if it is removed, impaired, or destroyed, then the alliance or state that it supported would collapse...”

"Disrupt, dismantle and defeat" - nicht war?

Is Marjah the schwerpunkt in the Af part of AfPAK?

The bad guys roam at night threatening, cajoling – swimming in the stream by day, fiendishly FUBARing everything 2 combat battalions of leather necked Teufel Hunden infantry are there to cover.

“…Two-thirds of the stalls in Marja's main bazaar have reopened, but the only baker fled the area a week ago after insurgents kidnapped his son in retaliation for selling to foreign troops and the police.

“…Men have begun to allow their burqa-clad wives to venture out of their homes, but an effort by female Marines to gather local women for a meeting last week drew not a single participant.

Oh Snap! Reckon 44’s laisse faire date for unassing the AO next summer IS significant!

While enemy control freaks, creeps and jerks may not be using the new Arabic
Counter COIN mad methodology, the jam remains the jam - a schwerpunkt has been laid out to get played out.

Refining AfPAK McC's Surgistan plan to which "all energies must be directed...?"

GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD recently hit up the hottest coolest combat rock stars and COIN cadre in the biz, in the field and in the know - and the upcoming result is hotter than a firecracker, twice as loud and as provocative as wearing a thong to church!

Pic - "What would you do differently today if you could not leave until the war was won?"


J. said...

If Marjah is the schwerpunct, isn't it too soon to be diverted by the bigger job in Kandahar?

But hey, patience was never a feature of Marines, was it? Frantic displays of action are always better on the camera than boring peacekeeping missions.

Render said...

Who said there has to be only one hardpoint? The inventors of the term and the tactic certainly didn't.

Disrespecting The Corp. That'll look good on the resume...