Monday, June 7, 2010

Strategic Liabilities

Like boom! Those Realists. Their sad devotion to the ancient amoral corrupt Cult of Stability (a buzz that never was!) has totally failed to conjure anything cool or desirable in the new millennium.

And of all the charmless charms requited re: Realpolitik's recent risible raison d'retarde, the myth of Strategic Liabilities is easier to knock out than a girl on Benadryl

Essentially the Strategic Liabilities Myth heralds that rowdy Little Satan has dang near queered the internat'l diplopolititary scene beyond repair:

"...The depth of America’s moral commitment does not justify or excuse actions by an Israeli government that unnecessarily make Israel a strategic liability when it should remain an asset..."

Afflictedly followed by a boring asseted list of sins real and imagined.

K. Fair enough. Yet, the entire argument collapses faster than Izzy Deen al K'Ssam ground troops confronted by Merkava panzers.

Spin it round bay bee, right round.

Exactly what are the bennies, booty and goodies gained by sucking up to intolerant, illegit unelected regimes like slave trading Syria? That fear Facebook and lose every war they start while tormenting their own people, abuse their Palestinian strategic resources and fiddle about with WMD and terrorists?

Or a time traveling ganksta gang - the world's very first freely elected kidnapping suicide regime - that for some reason, will not build electricity or sewage treatment plants, are frightened of guys that do hair, scared of hot girls and fear any elections ever again while trying their best to estab a rocket base in rich innocent civilian turf?

Or terroristic sympathizing Repentant Ottomans that read Mein Kampf en masse, enjoy NATO nepotism and unsexifully swinging from a sec sec secular society into something else?

The weirdly unreal meme of being 'even handed' in dealings in the world is not only a trick question - after all, Great Satan's foreign interests should be radically tilted towards her designs and desires - it is also totally suspect and a harbinger of heartache to equate equal stats betwixt unfun, unfree control freaks fully crunk with secret police, secret trials, secret prisons with despotic disses as the same as egalitarian societies with periodic, transparent elections, uncensored media fun and free choice.

Strategic liabilities or Strategic opportunities?

Actually, the tarded flotilla faux fubar should be used by Great Satan to loudly laugh off internat'l abnorms and concerns and share that sometimes - democracies are not only lethal - they are also kinda crazy and unpredictable - doubly so in conflicts or war.

Pic "My friends say i’m crazy - they all try to save me"


D. said...

Thank you

Raedwulf said...

It is a sad catch 22 that a NATO ally, Turkey is heading towards diplomatic if not armed conflict with Israel. Then again most of our NATO allies have been questionable in their support of Israel and the Jewish people.