Friday, June 11, 2010

Regime Change Persia

A year has past since 44's Bystander in Chief moment: the Green counterrevolution. And the diplopolititary fallout is still to be determined

“…Although the demonstrations did not lead to a revolution, their consequences mean that we are no longer dealing with the same country.

Oh Snap! See, instability has ran all the lights - with Preacher Command in extremis at the highest levels - strategically consequential au naturel!

"...The biggest strategic consequence of the event is the fact that Ali Khamenei is more than ever before fearful of a rapprochement with the west..."

Preferring to buddy up and hook up with an illegit league of Not Hot Autocrazies like NoKo and Syria, ancient proxies Hiz’B’Allah and new BFF’s HAMAS in the Strip, Supreme Leader slowly and surely draws his plans against us.

“..Since his domestic legitimacy has been tarnished, his view is that such allies can be used as a new pillar of stability for his regime since he can use his influence with them to ward off any western advances against his country, be they political or military.

Direct Hit!

“…Challenge the legitimacy of this Iranian regime, and to support Iran’s people in changing the character of their government – peacefully, politically, on their own terms, and in their own ways.

Fire for effect!

"...We need a grand national undertaking to broadcast information freely into Iran, and to help Iranians access the tools to evade their government’s censorship of the Internet. We need to let the political prisoners in Iran’s gruesome prisons know that they are not alone, that their names and their cases are known to us, and that we will hold their torturers and tormentors accountable for their crimes.
"...We need to publicize the names of Iran’s human rights abusers, and we need to make them famous. Then we need to impose crippling sanctions on them for their human rights abuses – to go after their assets, their ability to travel, and their access to the international financial system.

As divine daemoneoconic avatars prophesied eons past - changing the nature of regimes is most likely the same as regime change

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