Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Wars

It's like a fine tuned super sonic sting machine, a low low top and a ganksta lean - the ultimate mind candy for Great Satan's New Millennium Warcraft.

It's Small Wars Journal!

Perfecting the art of Surging, SWJ is totally off the hook with all things counter insurgency - devoured daily by Great Satan's new school COIN cats from squad level all the way to 4 Star Generals - and beyond

Created to push the cutting edge of Counter Insurgency Operations - SWJ draws on expertise from an incredible cadre of Great Satan's Combat Rock Stars:

"...Here are the brains behind counterinsurgency's rise from forgotten doctrine to the centerpiece of the world's most powerful military..."

Lets just cut to it, shall we?

All the cool kids know 44's shout out about unassing AFPak regardless - has dang near queered the mix beyond all repair.

It's on now bay bee - time is the killer.

In the lo down ho down au courant, Great Satan is in it to win it and COIN is especially essential weaponry in "Gap Shrinking" and by happy chance, sweetly fits the job description.

Great Satan will be summoning her firepower, staying power, will power and brain power

"...When we reflect back on where we are now, damn, we're thankful. We are where we are now, first and foremost, because of the quality of thought and writing by our content contributors (all volunteers), the substantive participation of commenters on the Journal and SWJ Blog, and the richness of discussion in the Small Wars Council.

"...We have benefitted immensely from the early endorsement and continued participation of some of the greats in the field. We have received some individual contributions and we have efforts underway enabled by some generous grants. We are humbled by the way the community has embraced Small Wars Journal.

Just like Great Satan fans at NRO celebrate every year - Small Wars Journal is doing the 501(c)(3)

"...Your contributions, coupled with support from grants and foundations, collateral income (advertising and referrals), and volunteer contributions of effort and content, to help us do more."

Influential - the cats at SWJ are provocative, sometimes silly, and sometimes 'backfire." SWJ is the very def of unbridled inquiry betwixt Great Satan's militarized intelligentsia - the fun and free choice - that engine up the Western Way of War

Contributing to Small Wars Foundation and their trackable 50K Campaign is the cool thing to do - ensuring Great Satan's penchant for audacious innovative Surges - anytime - anywhere.

Pic "Accidental Guerrillas"


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SWJED said...

Much appreciated Courtney! - Dave D.