Friday, June 4, 2010

Faux Flotilla


Daemoneoconically delish Danielle Pletka dreadnaughts nautical nuance free flotilla fun:

"...What we would do if a flotilla made its way toward Guantanamo to deliver aid and comfort to the victims of American aggression, illegal detention or some such. And if that flotilla ignored warnings to turn away and refused to allow U.S. security to board peacefully to examine the contents. And if, once boarded, those on the boats attacked our servicemen. It hasn't happened -- yet. But why not?

"...After all, the flotilla wasn't really about the Palestinians. If it were, then why not float a shipment to the refugee camps in Lebanon? And it's not really about rights. If it were, then why not protest Hamas' treatment of girls in U.N. Relief and Works Agency camps?

"...The spokeswoman for the flotilla made clear that the mission was more about Israel than it was about actually helping anyone; indeed, the flotilla refused to dock for inspection and transportation of goods to Gaza (maybe they were worried someone would think bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles were not educational). It's not even about getting food and medicine to the Palestinians, something Israel facilitates already.

"...There's no need to detail the reactions to this incident -- nor note the glee with which such champions of human dignity as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Daniel Ortega and the U.N. Human Rights Council have responded -- because others have done that job. The Obama administration is getting some credit in some quarters for not jumping on board the anti-Israeli bandwagon. But it deserves little. It is precisely the administration's harping on Israel from nearly day one that has given credence and legitimacy to these over-the-top criticisms.

"...And it is precisely the administration's unwillingness to call Turkey -- a NATO ally -- on the carpet for its cozying up to our enemies that fed Ankara's willingness to sponsor this Potemkin humanitarian effort. No, the White House didn't make matters worse, but it certainly helped pave the way for what occurred.

"...Yes, we can regret what happened and we can criticize the Israeli handling of the entire incident. But Israel has the legal right under international law to ensure that shipments to Gaza do not contain arms -- arms likely to be used against it -- much as every civilized government has the right to protect its citizens within the bounds of the law.

"...And when we justify the performance artists who seek to overturn those rights, we set ourselves up for the same treatment. Maybe not today, but soon.

Pic "Dang the flotillas - full speed ahead!"


Philistine said...

Obama the Destroyer.

He's not weak. He's not showing weakness. He's showing Leg to our enemies. "come on, have a little"

Just like this "aid" aint about Palis, the gulf oil leak isn't about the environment.

He's not responding because he's destroying BP. That's a big prize.

We all should re-read Sun-Tzu and Sun-Pin. Obama is still playing chess, while most of us play checkers. He's not weak, stupid, or indecisive... He's destroying Israel, the economy, the EU, NATO, and anything else he touches.

Every single action Obama takes is for these kinds of goals. The weaker or stupider he seems, the more dangerous the move he just made.

jammer5 said...

Remember the riots of the sixties and seventies? Remember how violence played a part in changing the face of racist laws in this country?

Sometimes blood must be shed in order to correct wrongs, and the Israel blockade is wrong.

The sad thing is racism is still so alive in this country. Just read philistine's comment.

Philistine said...

Racism? How? Palisinians are not a race, they are genetically identical to their neighbors. Nice try. Racism, the call of the tards with no real argument.

If the palis wanted their food, they should off load it where directed, and stop shooting rockets. Racist, Jew hating rockets, no less. You are a fraud, J.

Or are you construing an ANTI OBAMA thought as Racist? That's even thinner than the Pali sensitivity I accuse you of.

Did you even consider that calling someone a Racist is in fact, a Racist act? You have to make assumptions about my RACE in order to do it, you ass. Further, you have to generalize about my RACIAL PERSPECTIVE, you ass, sounding so racist as you are.

Anonymous said...

potential link o'interest: Israel mulling over retaliation with Cyprus voyage. a bit dubious, perhaps, but interesting nontheless.