Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"China Dreams"

China got game! A seat at the UN Sec Council and a veto for sale. China is hip -fully crunk with high tech - able to shoot down capitalist satellites in a single bound and launch more than astronauts.

A mean scary military machine is de rigeur for the hood.

And her hood is increasingly like a suburbia nom d'guerr'd 'New Clear Heights':

After all she's got nuclear NoKo on the south 40, a who knows what all crunk up next door in nuclear Land of the Pure, borders with both nuclear Russia and nuclear India. Not to mention that Nippon, SoKo and Taiwan could prob get all nuked up over a long weekend.

China could launch a world of hurt at any chicanery she doesn't cotton to within her projection range.

"Chinese war planners see a future in which China will be able to defend itself offshore and its navy will operate beyond what is sometimes referred to as the "first island chain" (GsGf Editorial Note: a fakebelieve demarcation from SoKo, Nippon, Taiwan to Philippines and South China Sea), eventually encompassing much of the Western Pacific up to the "second island chain" that runs from Japan southward past Guam to Australia."

Currently, the most populous Collectivist regime on earth is thinking any limits on her power projectability uncool and unacceptable:

“China is in a crescent-shaped ring of encirclement. The ring begins in Japan, stretches through nations in the South China Sea to India, and ends in Afghanistan. Washington’s deployment of anti-missile systems around China’s periphery forms a crescent-shaped encirclement.”

Peoples Liberation Army Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu has unleashed a hegemonic how to, entitled "China Dreams" that warns the risk of war betwixt Great Satan and China is increasing exponentially:

"China's big goal in the 21st century is to become world number one, the top power."

Colonel Liu feels China should bling bling revenues to become the world's biggest military machine - so powerful - so august - that Great Satan "would not dare and would not be able to intervene in military conflict in the Taiwan Strait."


Peoples Liberation Air Force Colonel Dai Xu gets all psychic with just a hint of threat:

"China cannot escape the calamity of war, and this calamity may come in the not-too-distant future, at most in 10 to 20 years

"If the United States can light a fire in China's backyard, we can also light a fire in their backyard"

Pic - "Peoples Liberation Army is eternally vigilant against Imperialist hegemonic chicanery"