Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh, it's true!

If and when (most likely the same), Iran's Preacher Command develops and deploys new clear missiles, don't fret - just lay back and enjoy it!

Containment actually.

"Containment assumes that if China and Russia changed over decades, so might Iran. And nuclear weapons can handcuff a nation as easily as they can empower it. Last week, at the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Brzezinski argued that either an Iranian bomb or an attack on Iran would be “a calamity, a disaster.”

"Containment could work because Iran “may be dangerous, assertive and duplicitous, but there is nothing in their history to suggest they are suicidal.”

Hold up Dr B! Iran is dealing a double dose of that dangerous duplicit assertiving right now.

Iran hangs out with field grade al Qaeda cats - providing hook ups with recruits, cash, transit and intell. Indeed, perhaps recent explosive events during Iraq's electile dysfunction were in fact operations gleaned from Preacher Command's Iraqi dossiers

Hanging with aQ should be the very def of suicidal.

Even with WMD witchcraft 18 months down the road, Mullahopolis is feeding, funding and weaponizing Taliban cadre at a 90 Day Wonder Combat Command Academy in Persia.

Really reckon a nuked up, gay free, girl tormenting military dictatorship that acts out against any 'democrazy' in weapons range would be contained, cool and sweetly pursue regional stability?

Sanction scenarios suck.

Containment is all about getting overtly specific.

Great Satan's defensive "Umbrella" (a hot! beat meaner than Chris Brown!) for newly repented Ottomans, Wahabbi Arabia and others to hang under will define red lines for Iran.


Containment will be like Cold War:

Great Satan will be even more actively involved in the ME, countering Revo Guard's illegit influ, military, espionage, and proxy operations.

Containment's Achilles' Heel:

"Friends and foes would openly question the U.S. government's power and resolve to shape events in the Middle East. Friends would respond by distancing themselves from Washington; foes would challenge U.S. policies more aggressively."

Pic - 'Contained?"


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